The true Thanksgiving story.?

well the indians invited the pilgrims to eat,the indians asked "how about thursday we will have crab and lobster"the pilgrims could not make it that the pilgrims asked about sunday,the indians replied "hmm sunday we just have turkey"

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    is it ok if i give you alottttttt of info?

    the colonys name was the plymouth colony.

    the reason they are in america because they didnt want to go to the church of england so they moved to holland.the pilgrims woried their kids wouldnt learn english ways in holland so they decided to move to Virgina (united states)

    on the mayflower.But they did not land in virgina instead they landed in cape cod.

    once they landed they chose a land with fesh water and open fields.but their choice was a poor choice. many of the colonist did not no how to work on that marshy the first winter they starved.

    but in the spring they met indiands and got help

    2 of the indiands were

    1. samoset (they both knew english one of them learned it from being a slave)


    they lived in peace together until more colonist arrived and this led to fights that turned into wars

    the pilgrims worked together sharing /splitting food untill some of them conplained about doing more work than others

    then everyone split the land and every man for himself.

    -if you dont have a land to plant crops on you dont EAT!

    William Bradford-leader in the colony(governor)fought for pilgrims religous ideas.

    they ate corn,and fish and other crops

    1691 plymouth colony became so big it ended up as Massachusettes bay Colony

    here is a website with the food they ate (scroll down and look at the food they ate then search it on the world wide web

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    lol im reading out of my notes i took today :)

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    Couldn't make it Sunday, the Redskins were playing. Changed it to Thursday because the women needed added calories to make it through black Friday.

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    no, the real reason thanksgiving was first celebrated was to give thanks for the capture of Captain Kidd the reputed pirate.

    Source(s): "lies my teacher told me" shows that the trad. story couldn't've happened. "pirate hunter" tells about Captain Kidd
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