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I need help with bullying problem....?

Ok i beat up this kid in grade 9. And now im having trouble with these 2 grade 12s who keep throwing paper at me on the bus. And I hate it because one of them is "some-what my friend" due to the fact me and him go way back and we used to talk alot on the bus when i was with him. And also i dont want to miss a bus because of them. One of them keeps calling me a loser and stuff. While the other throws paper at me. And i Hate it and i dont know what to do since its in a public setting.

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    First of all, come right out and say that you are sorry about beating up the 9th grader. Here's some bullying tips:

    Approach this bully with a bunch of friends and say, "I don't like what you are doing, and you need to stop before I tell an adult". If they do not stop, then tell an adult IMMEDIATELY. Why? Because bullying can lead to suicide, and it can lead to lots of stress. If you don't stop the bully now, he will keep bullying you. Most bullies have one reason to bully: They are insecure about themselves and want to make others miserable because they themself are miserable. Talk to a councelor, mom, dad, or trusted adult. They can help you. Please don't let this bully keep picking on you. If they say something stupid like, "I love that shirt on you!" and then start laughing, say something stupid back, like, "Thanks! I like it too!" and then just walk away. If they say, "You have a ton of zits on your face and you look weird." say, "Thank you, Captain Obvious!" or "Like you just realized that!". Comments like these can make a bully stop. NEVER try to physically hurt a bully, expecially if they are bigger or stronger than you. They can hurt you.

    Some people start laughing when they get nervous. These tips really help me stop laughing: Bite your tongue. Squeeze your fingernails into your palms. Think positive thoughts. Do whatever you can to stay focoused. Think: "I am positive, I did nothing wrong, and I am going to stand up to this bully." You don't have to look mean, just look confident. Bullies often keep bullying more if the kid looks nervous or trys to act all tough, because that means that the bullying is working and is causing the victim great pain. I hope this helps!!! Good luck with the bully!!!




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    ignore them... sounds like they need to grow up. life is much too short to go around trying to make others miserable... as they say, misery loves company. as hard as it is, try to be kind to them. you will be the better person.

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    one word. KARMA

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