I am a canadian permanet resident, but still living in Peru.?

My permanent resident card will expire on 20-OCT-2012. I am planning to stay in Peru for one year and a half approx. After that, I will move to Canada (aprox. March 2009). Is that save for not loosing my Permanent Resident Status? -- That's the only thing for sure I don't want to happen (loosing my permanet resident status).

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    Under the terms of Law No. 13053 of 31 December 1958, foreigners who have the status either of immigrants or non-immigrant residents must obtain an identity card, which will remain valid so long as its holder pays an annual fee (Peru 31 Dec. 1958, Art. 1-2). Those who fail to pay the fee for three consecutive years may be expelled from Peru (ibid., Art. 4; ibid. 22 Sept. 1920, Art. 6), as provided for under Article 6 of Law No. 4145 of 22 September 1920.

    Bottom line ... as long as you are physically present in Peru to renew your PR status before the expiration date given on the document AND you pay the annual renewal fee, you can remain a PR of Peru indefinitely.

    EDIT: I misunderstood the question - I thought you were a PR of Peru!

    You realize that to maintain your permanent residency status (for Canada), you must physically be present in the country for a minimum of 2.5 years out of 4? And pay Canadian taxes (on worldwide income)? And not get into trouble with the law (either in Canada or elsewhere)?

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    No, why do you should be? in case you and your better 1/2 live interior the U. S., your better 1/2 isn't a resident of Canada, is she? in case your better 1/2 is residing and dealing interior the U. S., she isn't eligible for the Canadian gadget, both, that's for taxpayers. Our gadget isn't loose, that's well-known, there's a huge difference. We do pay for it, with our taxes, and we are certain attractiveness. She is in difficulty-free words eligible if she is non everlasting resident interior the U. S. with a significant position of residing in Canada, or on non everlasting duty, including Canadian military on task interior the U. S.. you may develop into eligible in case you flow to, and develop right into a criminal resident in Canada.

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