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Does any one know who John Mitchell is? The little 10 year old boy who gave his saved hockey money to Son Pham

Son Pham is the Vietnamies orphan with a large tumour on his face who is in Canada hoping to find a Doctor who can remove it.I would like to know as much as I can about both children. If a10 year old can donate $50 I should a least match it. So if any one can give me info on either child or how to donate please let me know. Thank

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    John Mitchell is a Grade 5 student at a Halifax school who felt compelled to help another 10 year old boy, Son Pham, when he first learned about Son. He took the money he had been saving to buy a hockey stick and donated the money to help Son.

    You can donate online to help Son Pham by going to and clicking on the photo of Son.

    (SickKids was charging full costs - and then some - to treat Son - close to $5000 per day for overnight hospital stays).

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    Son Pham was in Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children under a program called "The Herbie Fund" which pays for children to come to the hospital for life saving surgery from around the world.

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    i dont know but that is a great idea

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