Anyone who knows Alaska really well: Help!?

My fiance and I are considering going on an Alaskan cruise for our honeymoon. We would be going around the 9th of June and my question is basically:

a) What is the weather like during this time of the year?

b) When and/or how often does Aurora Borealis occur? (I would LOVE to experience that!)

c) We were planning on going for a 7 night cruise; is that long enough, or just the right amount of time to spend there?

If there's any other info you think would be helpful I am completely open and grateful to hear it! Thank you so, so much! :)

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    You have picked a perfect destination for your honeymoon. The mountains, wildilfe, glaciers, the list will virtually never end.

    To answer your questions:

    a) You will be in the early summer period for us; that means warming temperatures, but the flowers and such are just beginnig to grow; another week and they are in full bloom! The critters are coming out of winter and just beginning to get into summer coloring and such.

    b) The aurora occurs all year based on sun flares and things along that line. In Alaska we do get a bit of sunshine, averaging 19 hours and more depending on where you are travelling, the farther north you go the longer the daylight hours. So, if you want to see the nightlights, we need to turn off the daylights; and that means the fall; last week of August, first bit of September.

    c) Alaska is broken into 5 different geographic regions and thus 5 distinct effects. To see it all will take years; I know I have lived here for a good long while, and still find new things, even in the areas I have travelled for a very long time. Each region offers a significant different flavor; the people, the culture, the surrooundings. Is a week long enough? Well it is long enough to see the Inside Passage, or at least give you a good overview. That still leaves the Intorior of our state such as Denali National Park, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Gates to the Arctic National Park, Katmai National Park; the list just keeps on going. Of course their is also world class fishing available. what a treat should you and groom enjoy fishing!

    I would seriously consider a cruise-tour. This is a combined land and sea package. The cruise should be at the end in your case to allow you to enjoy the gift of cruising, and at the same time it builds after spending time on the land tour.

    Land tours typically feature Rail trips, motorcoach excursions (not Greyhound), and of course all the attractions to go with it.

    Take a brief sojourn with the pictures I am including, along with our web site for tours into the Interior and of course the cruise!

    Congratulations on your upcoming event!


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    The weather is its' nicest in June and early July depending where you go on your cruise. So that is the best time. You will be experiencing almost 20-22 hours of daylight and NO night light just twilight at that time, so there will be no chance for you to see the Northern Lights. The best time is in the middle of winter to see them.

    A 7 night cruise is a long enough time. There really isn't enough time to spend in AK, since there is SOOOO much to do. Just beware of how much you spend up there. Things are very expensive, as well as the cost of living. If you are going to buy souveniers for people, stick to tshirts and keychains, and save puchasing the high priced stuff to yourself and your new hubby.

    You won't regret it if you do go. ALaska is truly a magical place and must be visited once in a lifetime!

    Source(s): I used to live in Nome, AK.
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    Congratulations! The big poster is right about the Northern Lights. They happen every night but daylight prevents us from seeing them. We are lucky in that on fall and winter nights we can see them just by looking out our living room window! As for visiting our lovely state...just come. Take plenty of pics, pick up brochures, make sweet memories, and enjoy the experience. We will be here forever so come back often!

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