How has reverting to Islam changed you life with your non-Muslim family?

Did they disown you, fear you (ignorance), etc... Did you ever "come out" to your family or do you still keep it secret? Thanks.

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    hmmm....My mom totally doesnt care because she believes religion is just completely personal and none of her business...i think my dad is sad because i left the way i was raised, even tho he is not a practicing Jew. My sister yelled at me a lot, lol...and she makes fun of me often, but we just tend to avoid the topic for the sake of keeping peace and love between us (plus i tattled on her to my dad xD). The Catholic side of my family accepts me, altho i think they are scared of me a bit now because of ignorance. I'm more nervous around my family now...i have to watch my i guess it makes me a better person tho, because i have to act REALLY well to prove to them that my religion has changed me for the better =p

    The jewish side of my family...ehh...i think only my uncle knows, and we would never discuss it =/

    Generally, my family isnt religious (just culturally proud of being Jewish) The catholics are religious, but accepting of and interested in others.

    Although it is better to tell your family, since you are married and i assume live separately from them, and since they are religious, it will be easier to not tell them until you are ready. I told my parents a month after my reversion because it was too stressful for me, not having them know (i couldnt pray without worrying abt them coming in and seeing me, lol)

    My reversion has caused more tension, but its only the the end, you are your own person with your own life, and things will be better. Good luck with your course, hun!! <3

    Source(s): You might want to consider posting in the Ramadan section....mostly muslims there, less haters lolll =p
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    I cannot answer you directly as I am not in that situation, but I wanted to counter some of the bigots and weirdos out there.... Islam is a beautiful religion and worthy of choosing.

    If you are reverting or have already done so, you should feel free to tell as many or as few as you like about what you have decided (or are about to decide) until you are ready, or if that never happens, not at all.

    From what I have seen secondhand, there are usually some family members who take the reversion well and some who don't. And who does what can be predicted reasonably well based on the nature of one's existing family relationships. In the end, "nothing succeeds like success" and when people see the positive changes that result, they accept it over time.

    I am in a different situation, but I am truly blessed because my non-Muslim family and friends (Christian, Jewish, otherwise) have always accepted me, and I love them back. However, there are those whom I know I can discuss religion with, and there are others with whom I avoid the topic -- unless they bring it up, in which case I try to keep it straightforward and brief.

    I wish you all the best in your journey.

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    Hi ive been Muslim for 8 months, i took the testimony of faith at 3 am of the morning lol. i told my sister and brother, friends, but i never told my mom.. shes racist.. once i was at a family party and my friend asked my mom if she liked Muslims she said NO! she thinks their all terrorists.. really sad, she only follows the media.. im still trying to find out a right time to tell her, maybe ill tell her before 08 or maybe ill tell her when i move out.. i dont want to keep it from her but i know it may not be safe because she may want to recruit me back to being catholic.. some of my friends think im crazy..but what do they know, all they know is that a couple of Muslims crashed into the WTC, Pentagon and shanksville.. hopefully more and more people realize most of us are not evil.. i love islam and i would never ever leave it.. so beautiful

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    The main question is regarding the translation and definition of "Worship". The word in Arabic is "ibada", which in ACTUAL means "to be slave / servant to". It does not mean the normal worshiping rituals or its forms. Being slave to God AUTOMATICALLY means to be righteous. Regarding the part, whether a non-muslim righteous is going to hell. This is based on misconception. The MINIMUM criteria of redemption are three: 1- Belief in God 2- Belief in Last Day (Judgment day). 3- Work righteous. ANYONE who meets the three criterias, is going to heaven (atleast the lowest heaven) IRRESPECTIVE of his/her faith. A religion is like an agreement between God and the individual. It means that God gives u certain rules and promises u a prosperity and success **IF** u abide by the agreement. VIOLATION of the agreement results in painful retribution that is incurred through the SINS that u commit (eventually) (including that of violation of the agreement). Thus a religion is composed of two components: 1- Laws for justice 2- Rituals. I think this answers ur question !

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    Ignore the rude answers.

    Im not a revert, so i can't help you on this one, but i got plenty of friends who reverted to Islam.. so i'll star this one for ya :)

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    Nothing as bad as if it was the other way around. According to which country you lived in, someone leaving ilsam could be killed.

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    You might want to restate your question: How has converting to Islam changed you life. People here does not understand that Muslim s consider everyone to be born a Muslim and when they convert to Islam they actually revert back to their original religion.

    Former Muslim

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    They didnt take it well. A few took it ok, Most freaked out. they think Ive been brainwashed. I moved 2000 miles away because they couldnt accept MY Choice.

    Source(s): 17+ yrs proud revert
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    My family is slowly seeing the changes in me, and they are accepting of them. I didn't throw it in their face, but have been slowly introducing them to my new life. I am lucky to have an open-minded family.

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    The whole idea of reverting is insulting. I wasnt born a Muslim, I wasnt born a Christian. I chose my religion. A true believer chooses thier faith when they have the knowledge and experience to do so, they are not born into it which is what the idea that people that change to islam from another religion means.

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