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For anyone who actually seen requests from asking donations from everyone on yahoo?

The is this guy who has posted his request for donations three times.

He is on disabiltity and his girlfriend is on welfare,three children.

They can't afford to to buy them new items yet, they chose to have children. Unbelievable and outrageous!

He is so excepting of his meager, poor lifestyle yet he is real stuck up snob who wants to best! HA!

Beggars can't be choosers, but this beggar wants to be in the position of chossing what he wants, when he wants.

If beggars want to choose, then they should get off of disability, and welfare, go get jobs and earn their own money!

I like to see people answer this!

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    You gripe on the guy for having kids? What did they do to deserve anything their sperm donor dad and egg donor mom did?

    You also grous about him wanting good stuff for them. Would you want crap for your kids?

    Some people that are on disability do not have the ability to work. Some people on welfare should stay home and take care of their kids.

    The government has set the rules that forbid them from earning money.

    So, if you are in charge, you would force parents that can not afford kids to undergo sterilization. I suppose you would euthanize all children born too. Then, no matter how bad a body is, you would endanger them and others by forcing them to work. Endanger - yes. Why regulate them to only work safe jobs. Let them risk everything for a precious few $$$ so that the government can tax them to death and steal it all.

    And God forbid that a beggar ask for anything nice. In fact, anything other than spoiled and e-coli ridden food is too good for them.

    Source(s): Personally, I wonder how somebody that can afford a computer and a service can not afford things for their kids. As long as I own anything that can be sold on E-bay, I will have a source of $$$ to pay for Christmas gifts. Even if it means selling a cheesy computer. Thanks for the question. I only hope that you never have to be placed on disability or welfare, less some snooty know it all democrat tells you how to work and live your life.
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    First of all I think this is wrong. I have disability and it not my fault that I have disabilities and same for him. So my two boys have disabilites has well. I also a single mom and been taking care of my boys since they day are born. You don't have want I have. I can't handle stress. I have wrist problems with both of them and it been getting worse. I have to take my boys hour drive to see their doctor and make sure they getting want they need. Welfare doesn't give out check. I had lost my food stamps. I get disbility check and same for my two boys. There is alot of people that can;t work.. Think about if you were in a wheel chair can you think you can work in there no. IF you can't walk in any way can you work no. I have so much disability if I work I get mistreated. That want I get for being disability and people with disability do have a hard time getting a job. I think you better think again before putting this on here. You are hurting my feeling because of this. People out can't help it if they have disability. I been struggling to get want my kids needs even when I was working. I think you better think twice

    Source(s): I am bipolar stress isn;t my thing. Learning disability slow learner. Tenditis wrists that got worse over a year now. Was born with cleft palate.. My oldest cleft plate adhd learning disability. Youngest learning disability and hearing loss born with. I also have two niece born with disability and won't be able to work.. Also I was on welfare when my oldest was born I had to stay home with him because of birth defect and I had to work him to gain weight not losing the weight either,
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