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For anyone who actually seen requests from asking donations from everyone on yahoo?

The is this guy who has posted his request for donations three times.

He is on disabiltity and his girlfriend is on welfare,three children.

They can't afford to to buy them new items yet, they chose to have children. Unbelievable and outrageous!

He is so excepting of his meager, poor lifestyle yet he is real stuck up snob who wants to best! HA!

Beggars can't be choosers, but this beggar wants to be in the position of chossing what he wants, when he wants.

If beggars want to choose, then they should get off of disability, and welfare, go get jobs and earn their own money!

I like to see people answer this!


Go through the questions and you will who this person, if you can actually this outrage a person!

Update 2:

Go through the questions and you will who this person, if you can actually call this outrage a person!

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    I saw this post about the guy. And the first thing that ran in my mind was hes begging but wants brand new stuff. And I would rather my kids have a good christmas then have internet and a computer! I agree if he can't take care of his kids don't have any!

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    First of all I think this is wrong. I have disability and it not my fault that I have disabilities and same for him. So my two boys have disabilites has well. I also a single mom and been taking care of my boys since they day are born. You don't have want I have. I can't handle stress. I have wrist problems with both of them and it been getting worse. I have to take my boys hour drive to see their doctor and make sure they getting want they need. Welfare doesn't give out check. I had lost my food stamps. I get disbility check and same for my two boys. There is alot of people that can;t work.. Think about if you were in a wheel chair can you think you can work in there no. IF you can't walk in any way can you work no. I have so much disability if I work I get mistreated. That want I get for being disability and people with disability do have a hard time getting a job. I think you better think again before putting this on here. You are hurting my feeling because of this. People out can't help it if they have disability. I been struggling to get want my kids needs even when I was working. I think you better think twice

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    I saw someone asking for donations last week. As far as I am concerned, enough of our hard earned tax dollars already give these people more than they deserve. If you are disabled and unable to work is one thing, but just sitting around collecting a check is another. Having children you can't afford is irresponsible.

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    Yep...I saw this and reported it.

    Did you see what he wants as a request??? MY GOD!

    If it's true, I feel lousy for the kids. He says he didn't sign them up for presents early enough? Jeez...get on it man.

    I reported it because this is not the setting for asking for hand-outs.

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    my donation is the tax money taken off my effen paycheck...outragious!!!!! turn off the internet and buy your kids stuff...sick and you have all year knowints not rich but i pick up things through out the year especially on sale....geesh some people!!

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    lol, this one chick came on here asking for hand-me-outs. I sarcastically said "yea, gimme your address" (trying to show her NOT to give it out to strangers). she actually sent me her address!!!

    what a dummy.

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    WHo is the guy? LOL

    ***EDIT*** WOW, I see now. For someone who is so in need, he sure is demanding, like "Pampers only", gezz.

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    maybe,.... just maybe you should donate a moon cup to him and shut him up send it C.O.D

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    Whats the question here? I cant answer it, I dont see the question, just an opinion.

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    Do you think maybe he is disabled, since he is on disability???

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