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canadian banks in japan?

i was wondering if there are any Canadian affiliated banks in japan where i can withdrawal from my own bank account. instead of using traveler cheques

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    You can withdraw money at almost any Bank or ATM machine in Japan as long it has the same network symbol as your ATM card.

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    Bring travellers cheques. The Canadian banks have representative offices in Tokyo, but they don't do retail business there. I wouldn't rely on a Japanese ATM network's compatibility with a Canadian network. When it comes to credit cards, not every merchant in Japan takes them. The bottom line is, it's best to have cash in Japan.

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    Due to banking regulations, very few international banks have branches in Japan. You can use your ATM card to withdraw money. ATMs in 7-11 convenience stores, at post offices, and in Citibanks will accept international ATM cards; most other ATMs will not.

    You can also exchange travellers cheques and cash for Japanese yen at the airport (be sure to use a bank instead of a money changer store, you'll likely get a better rate).

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    If there is PLUS or Cirrus marks on the back of your cash card, you would be able to withdraw cash at ATM of Japan Post office.


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    ATMs are world wide, just look for the symbol that is on your card or get on of the new Visa cards. you put money on them but ther is a fee.

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