conflict between Israel and Palestine?

What is this conflict about.. i need major help. i have to right an a 700 word assay about it.. please dont give stupid answers...

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    I'll give you the short answer. .

    The modern state of Israel has its roots in the Land of Israel, a concept central to Judaism for over three thousand years. After World War I, the League of Nations approved the British Mandate for Palestine with the intent of creating a "national home for the Jewish people".[8] In 1947, the United Nations approved the partition of the Mandate of Palestine into two states, one Jewish and one Arab.[9] The Arab League rejected the plan, but on May 14, 1948, Israel declared its independence. The new country's victory in the subsequent Arab-Israeli War expanded the borders of the Jewish state beyond those in the UN Partition Plan. Since then, Israel has been in conflict with many of the neighboring Arab countries, resulting in several major wars and decades of violence. Throughout the conflict, Israel's boundaries have been subject to dispute, although Israel has signed peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan, and efforts are being made to reach a permanent accord with the Palestinians.

    For more details, look at this link:

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    Between these two short articles, you should be able to compose a 700 word essay about the conflict. .

    Good luck, hope this helps!

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    Strange of you to ask us to do your homework for you.

    Your starting point should be that there is no place in the world called Palestine today, unless you count a city in Texas.

    Then you can continue by pointing out that the concept of a "Palestinian people" was created in 1964. Before that, the name "Palestinians" referred to the Jews who lived in what had been Palestine and then became Israel.

    You can finish up by discussing the terror inflicted by the Arab "Palestinians" on the civilians living in Israel today, and how that murder will be eliminated only by a clearcut victory of Israel over the Arab terrorists.

    Then you will have an excellent 700-word essay.

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    it fairly is complicated to describe it in english yet i'm able to basically suggested that the conflict between Israel and Palestine won't in any respect give up as written in Holy Koran. it fairly is a demonstration of the tip of the day

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    I won't give stupid answers if you don't turn in stupid papers. You don't RIGHT an ASSAY for school. You WRITE an ESSAY for school. And YES, you DO need major help.

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    First (essential) thing to understand is that Palestine refers to a region of the middle east, which is now divided among:

    1. The state of Jordan (approx. 75% of Palestine)

    2. The state of Israel

    3. part of Lebanon

    4. part of Syria

    5. disputed territories (Judea, Samaria, Gaza)

    ( )

    Second essential thing is understanding the legacy of Jerusalem's mandate period grand mufti Amin al-Heusseni:

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