poll: Miss world 2007????

Does miss china deserve to win??

no offense, you agree with discrimination??

she is cute and hot, but miss world..??? hmm..

ur opinion??


well normally i never watch, but this year was in china and miss china won?? haha.. dont let u think i am serious,just a disscusion here.. :)

Update 2:

well normally i never watch, but this year was in china and miss china won?? haha.. dont let u think i am serious,just a disscusion here.. :)

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    I agree with most of them above. Its obviously rigged due to political reasons.

    She's ok,but there're just many more deserving people in my opinion. Mexico,Trinidad and Tobago,Angola were all better than her. And definitely its dubious that she won in her homeland,because that's the only place where she can win Miss World.

    Miss China = Miss World ONLY in China.

    And yeah just look at the population of China..she definitely does have an advantage in addition to the Olympics being held in China next year. So this year's pretty disappointing. No use talking about it,we can only hope for a fairer result next year.

  • 1 decade ago

    This is my Honest Opinion. I'm probably gonna make some ppl angry now.

    I think that the Pageant was a sham. There were more worthier contestants EG Miss Sweden and Miss Trinidad and Tobago.

    If you look at what the other ones have done Compared to Miss China you will see that something was not right.

    When she won she was too Arogant for my liking. I'm never watching miss world ever again.


  • 1 decade ago

    Why should the host country's contestant be denied the crown? Its wrong to think that the show is fake if Miss China won because the show was held in China.

    Miss World isn't only on looks. Its based on other things like the questions. And the reason why she is thin is probably because she is very tall.

    And for the record, I think its fine that she won.

  • She has a pretty face but not a nice body. She looks like an Asian Jessica Alba in some pics. I think that the fact that it was in China had to do with her winning. I think Mexico looked hotter and healthier. Miss China has a cute face

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am shocked. She was skin and bones, did anyone notice that she was getting more publicity and talk time than anyone else? in the 40 sec segment, she seemed to have overshot and had been given longer time then the rest. The chinese compare was sooo like translating all her words.

    I would have prefered Miss Grenada, Miss Malaysia, Miss Angola, Miss Trinidad & Tobago or Miss India

  • 1 decade ago

    my fav contestants rarely win the title but I don't go around bashing the winner just because she isn't my race. Beauty pageant is NEVER about fairness. If it really was about fairness, there would have been more African descedants, Asians, as well as other smaller countries winners in the past. But obviously there hasn't been. If it was fair, there would be no silicone breasts, fake hair, enhanced eyes color, nose jobs, fake teeth, nails, pounds of makeup and hairsprays, and the list goes on. We all know those women are not all naturaly thin. They go on binges just for that pageant day. Obviously there is nothing natural or fair about pageantry. Everything is fake. Beauty is subjective and most people naturally tend to bias toward their own race. If this pageant is a sham, I don't know what makes any pageant in the past not a sham also. I think we can be a good sport even if our country didn't win.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well again...it was an big set up!!..Yea she is just okay like a normal girl...features are very blank....but she was very tall for a chinese!! but not like 2003 miss china...that girl was really nice but yet she got 3rd place coz it was the first time in Sanya. Dat was okay but this time was such a surprise! Pooi zhe li... she little knows y she was chosen as miss world.

    and keeping her with the finalists...it was so obvious that Angola should have won.

    Well now a days everything is done unfairly...so wut can u expect? :-|

  • 1 decade ago

    i dont think she should have won, it was too convenient liek when zuleyka won miss world 2006, and if u notice almost all winners of the 4 most importnant world pageant are asian? miss world is china, miss universe is japan, miss earth is canada, but she is half filipina, and looks just plain asian, i think they made china win in miss world to compete with miss universe form japan, miss dominican republic, venezuela or lithuania deserved it. its a bit unfair, it makes u doubt.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah, i think anyone who watched it felt the same. My bet was on Ms Angola.

    As they say, money can buy you anything!

    It's just too bad that she had to win it in China, if she won it somewhere else I don't think we'd be complaining this much!

  • 1 decade ago

    She looked Ok but it is their country so I think that had a lot to do with the out come. I like the hot latines myself

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