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For all you who think that Jews or Zionists run the US what is your reasoning or proof etc ?

I have heard and read it enough on "Answers" here to justify the question I think

There are more than a few that think the Jews/Zionists are running the US and so on

What makes you think that why and where is the sources or proof to make me think that this has happened

I am more than reluctant to blame the "Jews" as a group

Blame one guy who happens to be Jewish - Sure I would be much more tempted to listen

But a blanket - The Jews - the (insert religion nationality here) - That is a harder sell

But it is said over and over again - Why should I believe a group of people all one religion are cohesive and powerful enough and coperate long enough to run America ?

I am highly skeptical but here is your forun

Let the vilolation notices begin !


As a caution

Think of your own group what ever that might be

Are they all united ?

Do they all agree on anything ?

How many divisions are there in that group ?

What is the longest period of time it has cooperated for a long term goal ?

Now tell me why I should believe differently of the orthadox reformed Russian American Israeli Zionist anti Zionist athiest agnostic gay straight tall short Jew ?

To accept the idea the Jews are running things more or less insists they are fundementally different than other groups -

And that I have a hard time with

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    I dont control this country or Yahoo.

    I am for Jews having a homeland, also I am for peace and for Palistinians having a homeland. I am okay with Iran, but worried about yet another country having nuclear weapons especially Iran when they have a leader threatening nuclear and terrorist war against the USA and Israel. I know and like Iranian people.

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    5 years ago

    lol, In fairness to the many christians on this site, you have generalized your question too much, also they have, almost every sect of their faith have condemed the jews for jesus group. The Messianics Jews are our problem along with the Chabad Messianics not theirs. Also fact is Messianic Jews do not engage in converting fellow Jews any more than the Chabad Messianics do. I have a bigger problem with Reform Jews tagging with pagans and the way they decide who is Jewish, more then I do these two Messianic groups within Judaism. Orthodox Jewish sister Edit to Kate: interesting response long, but interesting. You raise valued points across the board. Something we should all consider, well done sister!!!

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    You must see the website "Jews not Zionists" . It is undisputed hard fact that most of GW Bush's er " senior advisers" are supporters of Israel and many have dual USA/Israeli nationality. This is recorded verifiable fact and cannot be disputed. (See the link below)

    These people persuaded Bush to attack Iraq, anybody who does careful research into their comments during the build up to the attack will realise that this is a fact.

    Here is the root of the problem----people who conned the USA into this attack ARE Jews but are also Zionists.They have a very large following of fellow Jewish Zionists who accuse everybody who is against White House Zionists using trickery so that American tax dollars and lives can be used to defend Israel are "anti Semitic". Some are sure, but others ARE Jewish and cannot be anti Semitic .

    Anybody who reads the first link below will suspect that Jewish/Zionist people conned the USA into the attack on Iraq, they can then do more research and it will be proven over and over again

    What I can predict is that any thumbs downers will be just that and nothing more, my comments above are facts which anybody who does the research can verify

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    Hey, you're the one making sweeping statements, dude! But Zionists (not Jews) did arrange for the creation of the entire Israel and Palestine conflict based on one exotic religion sect's interpretation. They did arrange to treat a population of modern citizens in a modern country exactly the same way they had been treated up to the previous year and practiced genocide upon these people for the sake of religion and a lust for the land they lived on. They got the support of first Britain and then the US, and they continue to use that cover, without any compensating cooperation, to practice racism, genocide and assasinations in full view of the rest of the world. The US is not treating Israel as they would treat any other country on earth that treated others as they do - they turn a blind eye in spite of major activities that undermine the standing of the US and the ability to make arrangement in accordance with our own best interests as a sovereign country. The US allows Israel to perform outrageious violations on the nations around them and backs up their heavy-handed tactics tacitly and without compensating input. If the US had a normal alliance with Israel, Israel would be a much better neighbor to the surrounding countries and would have long ago had to settle with the Palestinians. Our involvement in the equation makes all our relations in the area strained, makes our oil prices higher, fuels hatred of our country for actions made by Israel, and strains our relations with the UK, our unwilling partner in this very bad decision.

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    Ever hear the saying "Two Jews, three opinions"? Jews can't agree on anything, and my parents are proof of that!

    You don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist. Zionism by definition is support for a Jewish state in Israel. In fact, John Adams was one of America's first Zionists. There have been hundreds of US Senators and Reps over the years who have supported Israel, even though they come from states or districts with relatively small Jewish populations.

    Conversely, you don't have to be a Zionist to be Jewish. There are some Orthodox Jews who think Israel can't exist until the Messiah comes. Then there are the Finkelsteins and the Chomskys---the self-proclaimed Middle East experts---who would rather see all the Jews return to Diaspora and await the next Holocaust than have their own state. Then there's Neturei Karta, who openly support fascist regimes like Iran while refusing to recognize Israel's right to exist, even though, ironically, NK is headquartered in Israel. We call people like them "self-hating Jews."

    Criticizing Israel is fine, but I am of the opinion that most people who slam Israel relentlessly are Jew-haters, disguising their Jew-hatred in the cloak of anti-Zionism. I also believe that most of the people who slam Zionism as Israeli nationalism have no problem with Arab nationalism. I find it ironic that the more Israel capitulates (the Camp David offer, the unilateral pullout of Gaza), the more common---and more loathsome---the Israel-bashing. The Mike Silverman blog below is an interesting read.

    Yes, AIPAC is a powerful lobbying org. It has the support of most of the Senate and House, as well as most of the US Presidents since it was created. I think the Israel-haters can't stomach that Jews wield that kind of power, so they pull pages from the Protocols.

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    Jews aren't the problem. It's the Zionist government of Israel that they're talking about. There are many anti Zionists including anti-Zionist Jews, who are very much Jewish, but they don't deny and speak against the atrocities.

    Here this might help:

    Just google Dr. Finkelstein. He's a Semitic Jew, but he is also very vocal about the atrocities of the Israeli government which is leading to terror in the mid east as well as terror being directed toward us for supporting it. He and Alan Dershowitz ( a Zionist Jew), have had a long standing rivalry and butt heads all the time.

    Also google AIPAC which is the single most powerful lobby in our political system and the Bilderberg Group which is one of their branches. You've asked a very important question which has been taboo for years... not sure why since Zionism is just a political doctorine of 'expansionism at any cost' and it does NOT represent the belief of all Jewish people. Most Jewish people just want to live in peace and harmony like everyone else. It's the few leaders of their government and a few in ours who are making the deals and getting into political debts and conflicts of interest. When one government begins to make foreign policy decisions based on another government's interests rather than the interests of it's own people, it's very alarming. Please do read those links and see why these policies are hindering peace and coexistence.



    I know where the 2 thumbs downs came from so I'll explain:

    Calling anti-zionist Jews "self hating Jews" is a very common, yet disturbing title given to Jews who aren't afraid to admit to atrocities being committed by their "representatives".

    Bill Cosby get's the same flack from certain militant members of the black community. They call him a 'sell out' and they accuse him of spreading racial hate when he suggests that rampant illegal activity in some neighborhoods contributes to the perpetuation of racism.

    Some moderate muslims get called infidels for speaking against the radical factions, by the radical muslims. Also Jews who speak the truth and disagree, get labeled "self hating Jews" by the Zionist Jews for questioning the morality of the Israeli government's actions. It would be like calling people who don't agree with bush "self hating Americans" and there are people who do use these terms (or something similar) when one of their own stands up and says enough. Similarly the Nazis used "nationalism" to promote their disturbed agenda. They called people who questioned them "unpatriotic".

    We must see extremists for who they are, not by what they call themselves nor the label they give to their opposition. It's funny but if you really look, the dissenters have always been the peace loving, moderate, reasonable ones. The exclusivists, and the "mine is better than yours" radicals think they represent everyone else. Thankfully the voice of reason is the most common voice... but unfortunately it gets drowned in the thunder of passionate hate of a few. The extremists of any doctrine are always louder, angrier and they're armed to the teeth with rhetoric and name calling and they go into turbo charged spew mode when truth is spoken by their critics. Add to this dangerous ideologies of hate, 'money, power and influence' and you have a very disturbing and destructive faction. A faction who oppresses opposition, censors reason and eliminates dissent as the zionists did when they assasinated Mr. Rabin... a gentle and wonderful soul who got even the bullheaded Arafat to soften. Their muslim extremist counterparts assasinated Sadat. The voice of reason is silenced once again as we watch war being waged on innocent people and the decisions are coming from a few powerful groups with agendas that don't include prosperity for the people involved nor do they take into account the children... the future... or the shattered possibilities of peace.

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    big money runs america, many are Jews and many Zionists, But all are rich, big money political manipulators, it serves their interests so thats how it's played at this time. situation changes and they play a different game, it's not so much race, religion, as monitary gain for them,

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    firstly jews arent zionists.

    And its not just a "few" matter of fact u should know by now Bush supporters are just below 30%.

    They do it so our goverment would act in favor of Israel such is giving them billions of $$ so they can go and occupy more lands and encourage us to atk countries like Iran which Israel hates

    For ur info zionism aint a religion and most jews arent zionists

    Source(s): AIPAC and the media
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    Watch fox news.

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    War crimy, boy, ALL YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE, where'd you get such twisted revisionist ideas?

    Iran wants to NUKE ISRAEL!

    Isn't that bad enough?

    If that doesn't make your skin crawl I don't know that anythink will.

    Realize this...if Iran gets the bomb, they have promised their people and the world they WILL use it. Israel has a 150+ nukes and will Incinerate Iran to protect themselves.....

    This means millions will burn and die of radiation...mostly in Iran.

    This goes way beyond the stupid Ideology about Zionism and radical Islamofos

    Think about the freakin coolaid and get real.

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