i promised id never leave him :(?

well my bf and i have been seing each other for one year now i we love each other very much and id always say that if we ever broke up it'll be becasue he broke up wit me and hed always say the same about me it was always teasing but we both meant it now i think its time for me to leave him and i cant bring myself to breaking up wit him i love him so much so y do i want to leave him theres so much going on around us wit my family and and his and theres even obstacles in front of us if we get married and i dont want him to go against his family hes really close ot theem and im to mine and i feel it that its time that we faced the fact and broke up but i cant bring myself to doing it and i've even thought of doing something so that he'll be the one to leave me but i dont want to hurt him hlep me plzz


someone asked y i wanted to leave him i didnt wanna mention it b4 but we r different races different religion and believes it isnt a problem for the two of us since we love each other and it wouldnt be a problem for my family either since im froma very multiracial family but his family their jus hoping the relationship dies down and i can never be happy wit myself if i came between him and his family.. dont ask if i love him i do but theres this feeling that y give our all to each other for it to be taken away i want a futre wit him but the feeling wouldnt go away and thanks for the answers so far it helps if i need more detail jus ask

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    If you really love him (and he loves you), don't leave him! Talk to him about all the obstacles or problems you see in your future and try to work out a solution together! If the families are a problem, you need to stand up together and work through them! Good Luck!

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    well if u love him soo much will u b able to live without him?? and why dont u think of a way of convincing his and ur family instead of breaking up?? if u both sit down and chat this thing up , i am sure u will come out with an excellent idea as to how to convince ur and his parents. and if ur parents really love u then they will agree to it. there may be some fights in the begining, but eventually they will let u two to get married. and if u 2 love each other, then i think ur relation must be strong enough to sustain all this fights.

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    Sometimes, the saying about "if you love something, set it free, if it comes back to you, it is yours to keep forever".I don't know how old you are, but maybe it is the wrong time right now with family and other obstacles. Talk to him and tell him that you both need to take care of your personal business. Agree to a time out. Maybe at a later time, things will work out. Good Luck!

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    I think you need to stop and think.

    Write down everything that is getting in the way of you two and then on the other side of the paper write down why you want to stay with him.

    Try and balance out everything and if you still feel you two are at an end i think you should split up. Do it nicely and calmly, things may be sour for a while but you may become friends again.

    I hope everything gets sorted out for you. :)

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    ok ok i've been through the same thing. My last girlfriend wasnt the best looker in the world. My family was displeased of me going out with her because they said i could definitely get a better girl. We were doing fine and one day i dont know what it was but she felt that my family was pushing her away. So she broke up with me.

    Dont make my mistake. Stay with him. Talk to eachother and be happy. Anything can be solved. Unless you met someone new you like. Just tell him. Before you guys get engaged. Because after sex and marriage its kinda hard to get out of it.

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    There is no easy way out of this one. I would talk to your family, tell them how you are feeling - your mom would know, or understand. It is going to ge hard for everyone if you do break up with him, and then forget about getting back together with him. Remember that - they will all hate you now!!

    Really think and double think about why you want to break up with him. You never mentioned why.....

    It's hard to find someone that you care about this deeply - and that families get along so well too. Really think about it. You don't have to marry him!

    Also think about it, because the holidays are coming - are you going to feel totally guilty for breaking up with him before the holidays? You probably are if you step back and think about it.

    Good luck = talk to your mom about it - She'll know how to untangle everything!!!

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    I get the impression that you are looking for excuses to end the relationship. Be true and honest with yourself, and in a mature fashion assess your relationship. If need be, make a list of pros & cons. Whatever you do, don't play games. Be mature, honest & courageous enough to call it quits if need be and just as mature, honest & courageous if you still wish to BUILD a lifelong partnership with your boyfriend. Nothing worthwhile comes easy.

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    Dear Baby:

    "Never" is an Infinite~ LONG Time!

    You have learned a valuable lesson.

    Be careful what you say from now on.

    AND .....

    STOP "Rapeing" the powerful, divine

    word LOVE! You are living a Fantasy

    "Disney-Love" Life!

    You require more "Emotional-Intelligence",

    that only maturity & time can "cure"!

    Good Luck~ Baby!

    Start dating others

    & gain valuable experience!

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    If it is hurting any of you then there is no other choice for you then to break. Maybe after some time things get better so you can be back together if you do love each other!

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    I like the answers that say talk to him. If he is willing to fight his family then why should you give up? if he is not then it's time to go.

    The same for him: If you won't stand up to your family then he should go. But you first need to set in your mind that is why your thinking about breaking up and then talk to him, and then the two of you will want to talk to your families together.

    You are not dating his family and he not yours.

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