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Confusing...? metro station(the band)?

k so, you know the band called metro station,

is mason musso related to mitchell musso from hannah montanna??

man i am sooo confused, and i am just figuring this out right now.....haha wow.

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    most likely the reason why the relations between metro station members and 2 of the hannah montana cast is not completely let out is because they don't want to become well-known from being mitchell's/miley's brother.

    they're a different scene compared to disney channel.

    i'm sure they won't enjoy comments like, "omgs tell miley i'm her numba 1 fan!$#^)!"

    (: metro station<3

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    yes mason musso is related to mitchell musso

    and trace cyrus (the guitarist) is mileys step brother :D

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    Source(s): so is that guy that hannah Montana friend on the show. his brother's in the band too
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    he is related to mitchell and get ready for this one.....mileys brother is the guitar player, OMG!!!!!!!

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