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I am currently in high school and will be applying to university soon. Problem is that I am having a really hard time deciding what i want to be. I am thinking somewhere in the field of engineering science or business. I have the marks to get there, and both are equally interesting to me. I looked at many other people's similar questions, many people said to just do what you like, go with something that makes you tick. My dream since i was a kid was to become an astronaut. But as I grew older, many people told me that it's a stupid dream and it's impossible to achieve that. So then i began to think, and came up with the fact that i would take either business or engineering (broad fields, i know) in university. I am really good in math (though I don't really like it), science (i really like), and business, with overall 95+ average. Nevertheless, can anyone suggest what should I go (or maybe some helpful info) for when it all comes down to 2 paths in life with both seem equal?


I will go for an MBA in university no matter what path i take since I want to work at the top level with many other interesting people.

P.S. If i go into business, which undergraduate degree will be the best for me? I would really appreciate any info.

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    Never let anyone tell you your dream is stupid. There have been plenty of people who became austronaut, it's not an easy career path but someone must have dream big and worked hard to achieved it ... does help to be smart too :)

    The college i went to offer many engineering degrees, give you opportunities to travel the world while you're in college, 100% job placement. We have a grad who became an astronaut (Scott Kelly), had many naval & air force pilots, ship captains, nuclear & submarine specialist. Check out SUNY Maritime College. I owe my view of the world to it.

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    Let me agree with the suggestion that you do 2 years in college first. You career possibility ideas may change during those years anyway. My advice is to go for what you really want to do as a career, regardless. Too many people go for what they feel will be financially feasible, and wind up with some financial stability but a boring life. Meanwhile: It is hard to make it in the music and writing realms, possible but hard, usually takes a few years of hard work and belief in yourself. Psychology and therapy are well-paying fields but have their ups and downs. Maybe talk to a practicing psychologist. Ask her what she likes about being a psychologist and what she doesn't like. This is a growing field, but some of the tests to be licensed are tough and may get tougher. Journalist is good. I once considered that but decided against it since I have never like a steady diet of the news. As one asnwerer pointed out, you can wind up doing a lot of travel, but who would want to report inside Iraq right now? In the end, you must decide. Take your time. You've got lots of time. Some people change careers at 30 or 40 or 40 or even later!

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    I read your question, I came to know you are very clever boy. I am also telling the same what you like go ahead. You dont discuss to others they are giving different ideas apart from your goal. First set your mind, which field is better for you, that field you have to select. Please let me know which place are you staying?

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    Check out genetics..biological sciences....corporations for genetic research will ALWAYS need a guy (or gal) with a head for business.

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    Do something where you can travel the world.......not business or science... an airforce fighter pilot is realy cool and you can use your maths and science

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