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What are the best kind of solar spot lights to buy?

The solar spot lights I have now are very dull and don't last very long. I want ones that can light up a tree and can stay lit for at least 4 hours.

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    I searched from the Internet about the solar spotlight purchased by my Uncle

    for me, which specifications you will find below. It works very nicely for my use:

    Integral Solar Spotlight

    Three-light solar set with LED lighting

     One day of solar charging powers three LED bulbs

     Spotlights last for up to 10 hours

     Include an automatic on/off sensor

     Saves you money on your electric bill

     Comes complete with ground stakes, bulbs, and a 20 foot cord

    Highlight the best features of your garden or yard with this Solar Spotlight Set. After a day's solar charging, its long-life, rechargeable batteries power three white LEDs, which emit a bright, white light to accentuate your plants or outdoor decor for 8 to 10 hours.

    These lights feature a durable polymer construction in an attractive black finish. The three spot lights are connected to an integral solar panel that charges all three lights. They also have an automatic on/off sensor so you don't have to bother with elaborate timers. This set of hassle-free, energy-efficient lights will also save you a considerable amount on your monthly electricity bills.

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    Garden lights have small solar panels so the ni-mh batteries probably wont charge up fully unless it is a sunny day. Leaving them out in the hot sun might damage them but that would happen with any kind of battery. If you are having problems with the ones you had in it which is why you switched kinds then it might be a good idea. Solar panels are usually in the sun and the batteries in the shade but that depends on how hot it gets.

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    Source(s): Guide To Solar Power -
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    they have some that stay on for 6 to 8 hrs i have a set of 12 3 yrs old work great

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