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how's Canada different than USA?

what does USA have that Canada does not

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    1. Canada has universal healthcare, everyone is covered under a national health plan. The U.S. has private health insurance, and many people aren't covered.

    2. Canada has stricter gun control, U.S. believes every person has the right to bear firearms.

    3. Canada has a smaller population around 30 million, U.S. has 300 million.

    4. Canada is a larger country in Area, and is North of the U.S., so generally it is much colder.

    5. 70-80% of the Canadian population lives 200 km near the U.S. -Canadian border. The U.S. population is more spread out.

    6. U.S. has more violent crime compared to Canada.

    7. U.S. has a president, Canada has a prime minister.

    8. U.S. kicked out the British a long time ago, Canada still welcomes the royal family.

    9. Canada has two national languages English and French, and French is spoken by around 8 million people in Canada.

    10. America's favorite sport is Football, in Canada its Hockey.

    11. America's biggest minority groups are African American's and Mexicans. In Canada, its Aboriginal (Native) groups 1-1.5 million, Chinese (1.5 million), and South Asian (Indian, Pakistani) around 1 million.

    12. Canada has legalized same sex marriage, the U.S. has not.

    13. U.S. has many mutlinational corporations that originated in the U.S., Canada does not.

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    Florida and California, The United States has a more temperate climate than does Canada, on a year round basis.As a result the economies are different, Canada has a greater lumbering industry, fishing industry, hydroelectric generation. The US has greater agricultural capabilities manufacturing facilities, and service industry due to more population. Canada has better hockey teams .

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    Canada's colder.

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    Hockey night in Canada. A border with Mexico.

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    A dreadful government, more crime and a lot less space to roam around compared to the vastness of Canada.

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    Our Head of State is our Queen. America got rid of that a long time ago.

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    guns and stupidity ...

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