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Where is the least expensive country in the world to live?

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    Here's the top ten:

    Rank Country GDP - per capita

    1 Malawi $ 600

    2 Somalia $ 600

    3 Comoros $ 600

    4 Solomon Islands $ 600

    5 Congo, Democratic Republic of the $ 700

    6 Burundi $ 700

    7 East Timor $ 800

    8 Tanzania $ 800

    9 Afghanistan $ 800

    10 Yemen $ 900

    Source(s): World Factbook
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    There's no definitive answer to that question really. It would depend on what's considered expensive to you and more importantly on the standard of living. If you plan on living on ascetic life, most third world countries would do especially in sub-Saharan and eastern Africa. To live a 'normal', middle class life Iceland would be the best bet based on the UN's Human Development Index, which is a rating that involves a country's literacy, life expectancy, welfare, standard of living and cost of living.

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    I moved to the Philippines in 2002.

    My retirement goes way futher than it ever could in the states.

    Friendly english speaking people and cheap cosy of living.

    Besides tropical weather and beautiful beaches etc.

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    I would say Antartica. There aren't any shops or anything to buy. So you could save lots of money.

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    spain is very cheap

    Source(s): was there
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