when is the best time to have sex to get pregnant i want a baby girl please im so dessprate now help me out ty

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    I've heard that having sex 3-5 days BEFORE you ovulate is more likely to give you a girl and having sex the day you ovulate to 3 days AFTER is more likely to give you a boy. This is due to the fact that x (girl) sperm swim slower, but last longer, and y (boy) sperm swim faster, but die faster, too.

    I don't know how accurate this is, but it's worth a shot.

    If you have the money, they can spin the sperm in a centrifuge and seperate the x and y sperm. X have more DNA and are heavier. This will also give a better chance of choosing a girl.

    Good luck.

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    1 decade ago

    hey honey, i'm in the same boat! There is hope! but its not garenteed to work. Basically, men produce two types of sperms, the X (female) and Y (male). According to studies the y-sperms are smaller, weaker, but faster than x-sperms, which are bigger, stronger, but slower.

    Based on this fact, there are several things you can do to "favor" the conception of boys or girls:

    The most important aspect of all is timing of intercourse during the monthly cycle. The closer to ovulation you have sex, the better the chances to have a boy, because the y-sperms are faster and tend to get to the egg first. If you have sex 3 days or more before ovulation, the better your chances to conceive a girl, because the weaker y-sperms tend to die sooner and the x-sperms will be available in greater quantity whenever the egg is released.

    The pH of the women's tract is also very important. A more acidic environment favors girls, since it will kill the weaker y-sperms first, leaving a greater quantity of x-sperms available to fertilize the egg.

    Position of intercourse and depth of penetration are important, partly because of pH. The closer to the entrance to the vagina, the more acidic the women's tract is. Also, deep penetration places the sperm closer to the egg, and gives those aggressive boy sperms a head start :-). So, a shallow penetration will favor girls and a deeper will favor boys.

    Women's orgasms can also be important. It also has to do with pH. When a woman has an orgasm, the body releases some kind of substance that makes the environment more alkaline, favoring boys.

    Go to this site and pull up a ovulation calendar. This is the only site i've found that shows you when to baby dance according to the gender you are wishing for. http://www.ovulation-calendar.net/

    I hope everything works out! let me know!

    ~*~ Baby dust to you! ~*~

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