Why do people believe that somehow their salvation is tied to the denomination they belong to?

I realize this question is obviously directed to Christians.

I am curious to hear from as many denominations as possible.

thank you

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    Any church that teaches exclusivity is on my list of ones to avoid. I will still love their members with the love of Christ, but a spirit of haughtiness is not pleasing to God. When the dissension arose over whether or not one Apostles baptism was superior to another, it was immediately denounced by the beginning church leaders. This was before Constantine perverted the organized hierarchy of the church in years of the early 300's BC. If the bible is any part of your Christian belief, grab hold of this truth: "This is how you will know my Disciples, in that they love one another. Faith, hope and love will last forever, but love is the greatest of these. Love conquers all, and I would rather err in love than take pleasure over anothers mistake in doctrine, but I do weary of religious zealots giving denominational links to support dogma and doctrines. Please give a historical link, if you cannot support your faith on your own study. Jesus did not seem to care much for the titled church leaders who used their power to court political favor, and later compromised the original text in order to stay in favor with Constintine. I am a follower of Christ who is still learning, but I don't care much for religion. I think the true heroes were the brave souls who made the bible accessable in the common languages and many were put to death for this act. It lessened the total power of the corrupt church of the day to translate scripture to suit their greed for political power.

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    They have been lead astray by the counterfeits. Counterfeit Christianity is probably the best description I can give for a cult. Counterfeit Christianity is an imitation of real Christianity. Bible terms like "Jesus Christ, Resurrection, Salvation, and Atonement" are used by the Cult, but the various cult groups have assigned entirely different meanings to these terms.

    Like counterfeit money which is sometimes difficult to detect, so it is difficult to detect counterfeit Christianity, since it looks like the real thing. Experts examining counterfeit money often hold it up to a strong light and look for identifying marks. Counterfeit Christianity also has identifying marks, which can be seen when, held up to an even stronger light, the light of God's word, the bible.

    We are at an advantage if we know what to expect from a cult. Cultists are very well trained to appear "Christian", and indeed believe they are the true churches, and you need the deliverance! Therefore, be bold and ask the question, "do you believe the group you represent is the only true church on the face of the earth?"

    If they reply that they are, or if they are evasive, making remarks like "Well, every church has a measure of truth but...", you have made an early detection of a Cultist.

    Every true Christian, if asked the same question, regardless of his denomination, would reply that the true church is comprised of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, and HE (not some organization) is THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE, (John 14:6). No legitimate denomination would claim that they alone and their members have salvation exclusively, but the cults (the counterfeits) do.

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    Most people tend to consider themselves normal and/or right. Therefore, anyone who does things like they do is also (by association) normal and/or right. Anyone who does not do things like they do is abnormal and/or wrong. It's faulty human logic, at best. Many Christians and non-Christians alike fall prey to this type of thinking without even realizing it. That is the underlying reason people tend to think only their denomination is Heaven-bound.

    What determines whether or not someone is saved is his or her faith in Jesus Christ and His atoning work on the cross. That's Biblical. To get the truth, you have to go straight to the source. If you're curious about what real salvation looks like, go read the book of Romans in the New Testament. It's laid out pretty clearly there.

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    There is actually only one church, that is the one that has people who have repented of sin and believes in Jesus as their savior. It's all simple

    The other practices you see will grant us rewards if it is truth we are following. Some will have more rewards than others. But all that come through the shed blood of Jesus will be saved. Jesus said to live in the light we have. So if he gives you more light then live in it. Try to study the word and live in truth as much as you can.

    This is why I will not go to a church that is tolerating a sin that is an abomination.

    Revelation in the first three chapters show how Jesus condemned a church for tolerating immorality and he rejected that church. We are to come out of those kind of churches, or we will reap the consequences along with the immoral.

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    It's a security blanket. They know what they believe and they feel that if you don't assosiate with them then you aren't part of Christ's church. This mentality comes from the destruction of the doctrine of autonomous independant churches. The local church is replaced with the universal church (though the Bible treats them as two completely different entities). This causes certain denominations (especialy one based in Rome) to believe that they are the only one that offers salvation. I hope this helped

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    Most of us Wiccans are not caught up in this idea of "salvation". We simply worship our gods, live our lives as best as we can and learn all the lessons that this life has to offer. WE know that we will return in another lifetime and learn a whole set of new lessons and keep doing that for just about forever and most of us are perfectly happy with that. I find that to be the MOST comforting thought of all. That I'll get to keep on learning and experienceing life from countless different perspectives and stations of life. The idea that we are here only once to just spend all of eternity either suffering endlessly or enjoying all the comforts and joys endlessly seems a total waste of my time here and now.

    Brightest Blessings,

    Raji the green witch

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    Doctrine. many denominations have doctrine that says they are the only ones going to heaven . Here are a few that hold this doctrine.... Catholics, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses. I dont follow any denomination . Jesus is Lord . All those who accept , serve , trust, love and obey him shall be saved . Revelation 17:14 says... Called Chosen and Faithfull... not denominational

    Merry Christmas Ramjet

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    It just makes them feel more confident and secure in their beliefs I guess. Or it's more a way to confirm their own views, by saying everyone who doesn't agree exactly with them isn't going to heaven.

    I think a lot of people are gonna be surprised when they get to heaven and find out God didn't care whether they were sprinkled or submerged during baptism, what they thought of women preachers, whether they believed in speaking in tongues. In the end, most of those are pretty petty manners, and I highly doubt any of the denominations have the exact correct views on every single subject there is. Heaven must be mighty empty is that's the case.

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    Salvation has nothing to do with ANY church,buildings,organizations, denominations , traditions , customs , or people of any kind , color , shape or form ,etc etc etc Salvation is Only Through and By Jesus Christ(who is God) and Him Alone

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    Matt 18:19-20

    20 For where two or three come together in my name , there am I with them."

    John 14:6-7

    "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

    Source(s): Holy Bible
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