Politicians Talk Green ,Books call Environmentalists Extreme?

Explain please why on one hand politicians say go green and on the other hand there are books written about Environmentalist Extremists and others which portray Environmentalists as terrorists. well aware of two faced abilities of politicians it is just a confusing . Is this their stancesay one thing do another on one hand call Environmentalists terrorists but on other say they are good. Is it a fact there are even extreme Environmentalists. Could some one explain what they are doing listed among terrorist organisations .at a web site listing terrorist organisations. Isn't this ironic especially when this site has a section on hate speech and lists much more dangerous organisations ones which believe in White people are Supreme and Middle East Terrorist Organisations. Yes know that line about ''One person's Terrorist is another's Freedom Fighter.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I don't think calling every person in any group an extremist, though there are some in every group, is right. There are extremist Catholics who could fall under 'terrorist' extremist prolifers who could fall under 'terrorist' enrironmentalists, muslims and so on. There are a few bad apples on every tree. To have environmentalist on the list oF terrorists is not a fair statement. Someone lacked judgement.

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