My Bookmarks menu in Firefox has disappeared. How do I get it back?

A few days back, I was using Firefox. I somehow managed to double-click on both the Bookmark and the Tools menus very quickly together on accident, and immediately my Bookmark menu disappeared and I've yet to find a way to bring it back. My bookmarks are still here, by my Bookmark Toolbar; However, it'd be nice to be able to manage my bookmarks through the menu. Anyone have any ideas?


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I tried this, but this only affects the Toolbar and not the menu (IE: next to File, Edit, View, History, etc...)

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    I had the same problem. For me it happened after I installed the lasted version of If you also have it might because you accidentally clicked the "hide this menu" option on the bookmarks menu when you were clicking. The solution is to access your menu (at the top of the screen), and click the "show bookmarks menu" option located at the bottom of the menu that drops down. Worked like a charm for me! \o/

    If you don't have then I can't help you. sorry

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    To get your bookmarks menu back:

    Click on the menu item View, Mouse over "Toolbars" and make sure that "Bookmarks Toolbar" is checked.

    Hope this helps

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