Do you realy belive Iran is not after NUES? Do you trust them?

Iran is EXACTLT 70 times the size of Israel and Iran claims that wants Israel of the map, what should Israel do?

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    All of the world agrees that Iran should have nuclear power for energy purposes but not necessarily for nuclear weapons. Iran, currently, doesn't have enough energy to self-supply itself and has to import energy every year which wastes money. With nuclear power, it would make it much easier for the Iranian people to be self-sufficient in their energy needs. Here in turn lies the problem however.

    The United States, Britain and other main Western powers have been messing with the country of Iran for much of the 1900s. The United States has placed regime after regime in Iran, hoping to make sure it gets cheap and efficient oil. In the early 50s (53-54 I believe), the US replaced Iran's leader with a dictator who became an ally of the US against the Iranian people's wishes.

    For about 25 years the dictator held power until he was overthrown by the Iranian people. Iran declared the US to be the Great Satan and Israel to be the Little Satan. The Iranian people, also, during the revolution stormed the American embassy in Tehran taking about 60-70 hostages, and holding close to 50 of them for 444 days. America tried many rescue attempts which ended in disaster, even killing some of the American pilots. Iran's Supreme Leader also declared that he would march his armies across the Middle East conquering everything in his way!

    Now, it gets interesting and very deadly. Saddam, who noticed Iran was really weak in military strength at this time (revolution had just occurred), decided to attack Iran and invade part of Iran to acquire new oil facilities. For the first 2 years of this war, the battle raged on, and Iraq offered Iran a peace treaty noticing no real progress. Iran declined and resorted to the use of human wave attacking (sending thousands of people in row after row to rush the enemy), partly because Iran didn't have much else at the time.

    Saddam resorted to using landmines and chemical weapons agains the Iranians killing hundreds of thousands. The USA, Russia, and many other European nations actually supported Iraq in this war, supplying information, chemicals to make weapons, and tons of equipment. At the end, between 800,000 and 1,000,000 Iranians died at the hands of Saddam. Over 100,000 Kurds were also killed by Saddam.

    During this war, however, Iran made its first purchase of illegal nuclear material from A.Q. Khan, a Pakistani Scientist. They again made an illegal purchase from him in the early-mid 90s.

    A.Q. Khan's story is very strange and still unknown to this day. He was a Pakistani scientist at a time when India had just created Atomic weapons and was threatening war with Pakistan to take it back forcefully. Supposedly, the President of Pakistan told Khan to acquire nuclear material any way he could. This occurred after Khan started work at a nuclear power plant in one of the European countries.

    Over time, Khan stole documents on how to build nuclear reactors, uranium enrichment tubes, and much more. At one point though, the UN's IAEA had found out that Khan had done something and were going to go in for the arrest before he could smuggle anything out.

    It was at this point that the CIA intervened and stated that they wanted to catch the people he may be working for, and who he would supply the material to. Apparently, they lost track of what Khan was doing because he was able to sell the nuclear material to Libya, North Korea, Iran, and he even helped make his very own Pakistan a nuclear bomb. In Pakistan, he is known as the "Father Of The Bomb"!

    About 30 years after he started his risky, illegal, business, the CIA caught up with him, and he was arrested by Pakistani authorities, but since he was a hero in Pakistan, he was put under house arrest with bodyguards watching his every move. No one else is allowed to talk to him to this day. Actually, maybe not, I think he may have been taken off of house arrest just this year.

    The major thing is, Khan's organization sold nuclear material, illegally to Iran about 20 years ago to make a nuclear bomb. This concerns many people, and you can probably see why.

    Also, the Iranian President's (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad)statements concern many people. Even though the whole "Wipe off the map" phrase may have been misinterpreted slightly, he does constantly say in his speeches, "Death to Israel", "Death to America" and the crowd chants it back to him. He has also made some very unnerving threats against Israel, even threatening its death recently. He delcared that he wouldn't mind sacrificing Iran in exhcange for destroying Israel.

    In my opinion, the Russians are looking forward to counterbalancing the US's influence in the Middle East by supporting Iran's nuclear program. This would ultimately shut down, or at least pacify the US's role in the Middle East, and make it much more difficult for the US to operate. Russia has also long hated Israel, this will give Russia a chance to get back at Israel also.

    And who knows, if something happens to Iran and much of the oil and Iran's natural gas supply (military strike for instance), Russia will be sitting on top of most of the world's energy reserves allowing Russia to become filthy rich and be one of the most powerful countries in the world. That would be a nightmare situation for the US, whose economy would probably collapse.

    Israel itself has had an amazingly troubling history and because the US supports it, there is very few bad things reported about Israel inside of the United States. Anyways, in Israel's view, because its very state of existence is always being threatened it can do whatever it wants to and get away with it for the most part. Look at the living condition of the Palestinians right now, their in an amazing state of poverty and many of the world powers and other countries are giving them between 7 and 8 billion dollars to allow their economies to level out!

    Now to the nuclear program:

    Recently however, we have found out intelligence that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003. Please understand this, the intelligence is very strange because only 2 years ago there was intelligence to support the idea that Iran had a nuclear weapons program. Now we have intelligence that Iran ended its nuclear weapons program 4 years ago. Something doesn't make sense to me!

    Anyways, while it is true that Iran seems to have been complying with the international community, there is still a lot that has been kept secret from the international community and the IAEA, including the information of the other purchases from A.Q. Khan, the Pakistani scientist who set up a vast network to illegally sell nuclear materials to foreign countries.

    We also don't know whether the Iranians are still enriching high enriched uranium for the use in nuclear bombs if the weapons program is ever started up again. The situation remains very complicated although it appears that Iran isn't attempting to get the nuclear bomb at this point, so this current administration should quit with the rhetoric towards attacking Iran and try to understand the situation better. I hope everyone attempts to actually understand the situation!

    Please note, I do not support any type of attack on Iran, I actually believe they should have a right to own nuclear power including nuclear weapons if they end up choosing to create them. I believe the US and Iran have many similar interests and could actually make good allies for the long term solution. Anyways, Iran must stop talking tough over the Israeli-Palestinian situation and must come to talk to the international community. They must also stop making threats against the United States, Europe, and Israel most of all. Israel will be in Palestine whether the Iranians want them to or not so Iran should attempt to find a diplomatic solution to the problem and Israel should also stop talking about its own secret nuclear weapons program. Israel and Iran must vow never to use nuclear weapons!

    However, I do believe that Israel MUST tell the International community about their own nuclear weapons program and MUST show the International community everything they have done in SECRET! Iran must feel VERY pressured by Israel because Israel HAS nuclear weapons and has made many threats about using them in the past when they felt their survival being threatened!

    If in the end, Iran wants to acquire nuclear weapons there is nothing that Israel can do about it because the Iranians already have the knowledge and the equipment to do so and it is spread throughout all of Iran, in underground and above ground bases and nuclear plants.

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    They once were and it is certainly good PR on their part to say what they are saying now. Iran and Hamas share the same feelings about Israel. The Israelis do not trust Hamas or Iran as well they should not. If Israel decides to take military and decisive action against Iran they would win and incur the wrath of the world for defending itself against a government bent of its destruction. Some countries would privately breath a sigh of relief. I trust the people of Iran not the government.

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    1 decade ago

    Iran is definately after nukes. The Iranians wouldn't be having them in plain sight.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Oh no! Are they really going to get NUES?! I'd be afraid of any country with NUES!

    ...Actually I'd be more afraid of countries with people who can't spell "nukes" or "exactly"...

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think they want Nukes man.

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