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In your poetry writing, how far ahead do the images appear; the next word, line, stanza or poem?

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    ITS SPONTANEOUS FOR ME...i try to note down whatever comes to my mind in the very moment...coz if i pospone it wont be in the manner that it came images,words and lines fall into place..words and thoughts go hand in hand...sometimes though after re-reading i change the order of the word..that too very rarelyGOOD QUESTION.

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    I usually just let it usually just all comes out at once, I don't know...the stuff I've put up here, besides maybe one oor two poems, is completely un-revised. Pretty much like rough drafts. So, it's helpful to put them up here, and see what type of suggestions I get. I'd probably write more, and a little better, if I could teach myself to type without staring at the keyboard. I've been busy, acting like I'm in school, and reading and taking notes on random, useful subjects and information. Hoping, one day, I can make it back to school.

    I guess I just write poetry, because I love writing and it doesn't take so long as an actual story.

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    Everything is vague for me until I can determine what my approach is (who is the narrator?). Once I get to that point the words and lines flow pretty quickly with the images. It's pretty much like a spigot--it's off and then suddenly it's on.

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    I work images like I would work a movie scene. It's all laid out ahead of time, but the key is to let your actors improvise.

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    For me, I may hear a sound or a word. maybe even see a painting or something I find of interest and it just flows. Great question by the way.

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    I'm very visual, so usually SEE what I'm going to write about, then think in terms of the form I'm going to use. Since I'm better at prose than poetry, I make notes and then go to work. (One of these days I'm going to get up the nerve to post more than little rhymes here).

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    Great question.

    So often for me, in my pre-waking dreams and notions. I so need a voice activated recorder, and to also have in my vehicle, while on the road.

    As often as THINGS come to me spontaneously, they also may be "scattered" in the mental creation. It may be a single word or phrase that becomes the "trigger" or object, and not always sequential, or relevant beyond the ingredients that I want to blend in formulating.

    You bring a NUDGE however in the context of serialization, and I have done that in books, crafting each chapter that could stand alone while still having relevance to the BODY.

    In my case, though not always attentive; I believe a "Muse" exists, and she is most insistant. Though I don't always "follow", I am often reminded later.

    Steven Wolf

    Source(s): 40 plus years embracing this passion
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