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Looking for credit card that has no interest on transfer of money?

I need to make a bank wire transfer to a school ill be going to in Japan next summer.

I have most of the cash, I just need $800 more from my credit card.

I need to know the cheapest way to get money from my credit card to my bank account.

Which usually has a lower interest rate... just taking cash out at an ATM.. or writting a cheque to myself and depositing it into my bank account.

1. is this what they call a balance transfer? or are balance transfers only from credit card to credit card?

2. if this isnt a balance transfer, what is it called? I just want to be able to look up and see what the % charge is for this transaction. (writting a cheque to withdrawl money)

I need a card that charged 0% for first 6 months or something like that =]


Finance Charges

A. BT, Checks 3.99% APR

B. Checks, ATM, Bank 19.99% APR

C. Purchases 0.052027% 18.99% APR

which one of these would ''writting a cheque to myself fall under"?

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    It sounds like you might want to try a card that has a 0% APR on balance transfers and cash advance checks for a promotional period. Usually with cash advance checks, you can actually deposit money directly into your bank account.

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    Gone are the days with 0% APR's on balance transfers. The feature was misused so much that credit card companies thought it best to revoke these offers. The reason could be the loss of revenue to credit card companies but this habit of transferring balances frequently and avoiding the debt repayment was increasing the volume of credit card debt. Balance transfer is a good practice if done with caution and restraint.

    Blue Cash from American Express®

    This credit card issued by the credit card giant American Express has No annual fee. Coming to balance transfers, the Blue Cash from American Express has a low balance transfer rate. The APR for balance transfer is 4.99% fixed for the life of balance. Another good feature of the Blue Cash from American Express is that it is a 0 Intro APR credit card. It has a 0% intro APR rate for 6 months. The reward program of Blue Cash from American Express gives Up to 5% Cash Back with Unlimited Cash Rewards. This entitles the credit card holder to earn an unlimited cash back on his spendings. Apply online at:

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    When you take money out of a ATM with a credit card or write a cheque, it is normally call a Cash Advance.

    Cash advance cummulate interest from the first day that you take the money out, everyday, until you pay it back. There is normally no grace period for this.

    Before you borrow the money, I would advice you to inform yourself very well with the credit card fees on cash advance, as they can become very expensive.

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    maximum provides like this have a constrained time to pay off the stability circulate. in case you exceed that factor, then the pastime is in the process the roof. in case you fee different issues on the recent card, your cash would be utilized to those purchases first, and so your circulate volume would be the final to be paid off. The mastercard business enterprise keeps music of the various styles of balances (purchase, circulate, strengthen, and so forth.) and has set up the money to strengthen the possibilities that some circulate stability will left over after the 0% era ends. additionally, there is usually a stability circulate fee of roughly 3%. which potential once you circulate the stability, the fee on your new mastercard would be 3% extra desirable. so they already have their fee, and that they are hoping you forget, and enable them to cost you pastime in some months. This deal is often not worth this aggravation. be careful. i wish this helps.

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    I got a bank of america card 12months ZERO interest on transfers and purchases.

    Bank one (chase) had a card that had 5.99 % for the life of the balance.

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