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how cold are your winters?? eg. 0......-10 and where do you live??

wiinipeg, -40c burr

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    I live in southern IL, and the coldest as long as I live here be 30s in the daytime. But this is only my second winter here.

    It's been 46 today. A couple weeks ago had 64.

    But don't feel too envious, as you still be breaking sweat from lower 90s in early October. You can't want to do anything in the summer except be under the A/C or living in the water!

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    Well in Chicago, the winters vary quite often. It's been as cold as -40F with the wind chill below 60F. Not very often but at least once a season. However we do get a good cold snap where the temp doesn't go above 0F. This is more typical and will happen for a good two week period in Jan or Feb. But mostly it stays somewhere between 0-20 F for the winter.

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    Last January it got down to 29 degrees on two mornings in a row... -& I live in Scottsdale, Arizona. Otherwise, most Winter days it's in the 60s & the nights are in the 40s... :)

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    We might drop to 32 degrees one or two nights, but that is pretty rare. Daytime temps average out at about 67 degrees. Average night temps are around 35 to 45 degrees. That's around my area Orange County, California. It's really very boring weather here!

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    It's in the 40's today with light rain. No snow here but the mountains are getting hammered.

    Oh....Boise, ID

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    central oregon -15 in jan-feb not as cold as you though.

    HEY!! Try this,,, When it is below -25 f go outside and blow soap bubbles, when they land they shatter and sound like breaking champagne glasses.

    I did this once in Barrow Alaska it was -45 f and everyone thought I was crazy,

    Way cool though.:-)

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    well, selma is always freezing but it nevers snows. i have never had a white winter

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