What do I do? I haven't been on a date for a long, long time. This amazing guy who I liked for quite some time

agreed to come to my place for a bite to eat. We are both adults. Firstly, what do I wear? Some icebreakers because I'm madly in like with him! How will I know if he may want to get close to me, touch, etc. Help me, I'm not really sure what to do!!

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    I'm in the same boat, girlfriend. I wore some tight jeans with black heels and a tight v-neck sweater. (It was cold!) As for as being able to tell if he wants to get closer, just pay attention to how he looks at you. Lots of eye contact is a great sign! My date went awesome, hope yours goes the same! =)

  • Fauna
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    Dress nice and pretty, not stuffy like for the office, but evening wear that you might wear out to dinner or a party. Don't go overboard though, because it's supposed to be casual just at your place -- maybe a nice jewel-toned silk top with dark jeans and gold kitten heels? Something like that, jeans with a "kick." Just relax, once you get over the beginning part, you'll be fine! Start out with the safe convo starters like the weather, your jobs, current events, any funny stories lately to share... and I'm sure he'll have things to contribute that you can follow. Have fun! :)

    Maybe this will give you a direction... (just have a little cardigan at hand)


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    Wear something casual but sexy. Maybe a tight shirt and your favorite pair of jeans? Because its at your house, you should keep it comfortable. Ask him about his job, his family, his friends. If the chemistry is there, it will just happen. I'm a bit old fashioned and I like the guy to make the move to kiss me first. After you eat, watch a movie on the sofa, then you can scoot close, especially if its a little cold in your house.

    Good luck!! :-)

  • Anonymous
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    Let him make the first move. Its all in the eyes I think. Make sure you wear a sexy dress that shows off your curves.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well first ask him how her feals about you if he says he likes u alot thats when u start geting close to him. Sometime when they arnt ready for that (which im shure you are cause ur adults) it can lead to bad things...

    I wish you LUCK! =]

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