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Do you hav any examples of recent human atrocities. for example sumtin really evil done to humans by humans?

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    Well, saddam Hussein gassed the Kurds.

    there was that subway attack in Tokyo

    How about Darfur?

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    Rwandan Genocide. Burmese Repression. Iraq War (?). Tibetan Occupation. Global Warming.

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    Take a look at the infection rate and mortality rate of African AIDS patients vs. the rest of the world. We have medication and prevention; they don't. Doesn't that qualify as an attrocity?

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    Yes U.S goverment involment killed more people in Iraq than saddam hussein .... everyday there is some innocent dead in iraq. U.S has to understand people across the world have different way to living mainly because of their religion ... they cannot try and implement their kind to law and order to the whole world ... it will only create disharmony ...

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    Yes, it is a very simple question. The intelligence/deception of George Bush and his cronies that has hurt people of many nationalities, especially the U.S and Iraq.

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    Darfur, Sudan.

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    Iraq War.

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    Sadaam Hussein. Abu Ghraib prison. Lack of civil rights in other countries. Holocaust. Look at this link and you'll be reminded of the many, many homeless people even here in the US. Good luck!

    Edit - one more .. the people who give thumbs-down for no good reason. I'm new here and was trying to take this seriously. Sorry.

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    I know this guy whose buddy pantsed him in the middle of a busy shopping mall. Oh, the humanity!

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