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What is the oddest vacation you ever had? Where? What was odd? Is it a nice memory now that time's passed?

A tornado passed over our car in Indiana once. It was not fun at the time, but is a great memory looking back.

Anything odd ever happen to you on a vacation?

Did you ever wind surf or scuba dive? White water rafting? Bungie jumping?

Our son and his wife went para sailing!

Ever go some place rare, like Africa or Antarctica? Many have!!!

Have you ever spent time in the Ice Hotel in Quebec or Scandinavia?

How about the underwater hotel in Florida, that you need to scuba dive to get to the lobby?

I have read that China is building a giant luxury hotel that is a hybrid, half under the water, and half on top, that you will have to access by luxury yaught.

Have you ever heard of the hotel in the trees, with "Tarzan Rooms" and sky high walk ways, down in South America?

Has a vacation ever been an adventure, by surprise or intentionally? Care to share?

National Lampoon is all ears!!!

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    Well... my honeymoon. Actually the honeymoon was great! (if you know what I mean). But when I came back after not watching T.V. all week, the soviet union had broken up, my sister was in the hospital, and the entire center of my town had burned to the ground. Look at what happens to the world when I am not around to take care of it! (LOL)

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    A few summers ago my friends and I went on this roadtrip to a private beach. It was quite a long drive and the three guys who were driving were a bit tired by the time we got to the resort but we had kept them entertained during the trip.

    The drive was fun as we kept stopping at all these amazing sights and taking pictures.

    It would have been a great vacation had it not been for the fact that we weren't able to do any swimming. For some bizaare reason it seemed like that particular beach had attracted a colony of jellyfish--and I'm not talking about tiny floating blobs, we saw box jellyfish that were as big as pedestals.

    According to our friend who owns the resort they've never had any jellyfish there before. It was so funny because we couldn't even wade in without running back to shore screaming because the jellyfish were just everywhere.

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    There have been a few very memorable vacations with my family. My dad is a person that you are never bored with, that is for sure! There was the one in which we went to Mackinac Island, Michigan. Me and my younger brother were together on a tandem, my parents had separate bikes, I think. There is absolutely no cars allowed on the Island, only bikes. We all biked around the Island. It was a lovely day, bright sun, light breeze. I had a great time. You should go there, sometime!

    And then there was the time we went to B.C.(Brittish Columbia) We camped at Goldstream National park, on Vancouver Island, I think. There was this totally awesome "swimming hole" there. It had a waterfall, and a nice log to jump off of, and It looked totally exotic. I sooooo want to go there again!

    When we went to Alberta, Drumheller, we went to the Dino museum and there was this tourist shop that had like this huge tower that was shaped like a dinosaur, and you traveled along inside of it till you got to the mouth, where you could see outside. It was storming then, and the winds were rather rocking the tower. I was like scared to death! That was really great. Next time we go there I want to chech out the creation museum, and get a christina perspective on things for once!!!


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    wow, i like your question..... i had one very memorable holiday, it was in wales, uk, (im from the uk) we went to a remote holiday park in bronbaer wales, it said in our brochure to take tourches with us.... heehee we went out in daylight, went to the on site public house had a few drinks.... and opps we forgot our torch went the place was remote it didnt have any street lights... we cudnt see our way back to our cabin! crazy!!! and soooo scary... we had to stay in one spot until some people past us..... we never forgot our torchlights after that night...... i can never forget it... i was convinced a werewolf was going to jump out at me lol even though i dont believe in werewolves, but i did that night

    "I have read that China is building a giant luxury hotel that is a hybrid, half under the water, and half on top, that you will have to access by luxury yaught."

    oh wow!! flipping amazing!

    love it!! :) xxxxxxx

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    Mackinac Island, Michigan. So beautiful, yet so remote.

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    I think it was when I was banging my girlfriend!

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