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What's with the Dell and Vista hate?

Is Dell hardware really all that bad?

And why is Vista being spat on by mostly everyone on Yahoo Answers?

I need to know because I'm looking into buying a laptop soon. There seem to be conflicting opinions online and I'd like to find some facts.

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  • Tyrus
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    1 decade ago
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    I have had Dell computers and many brands for many years and frankly found Dell's customer support far better than all other manufacturers in the world.

    Has anyone tried to call HP and get customer help? Tried to get a copy of the software loaded on your computer? Go ahead and try it. You will find zero support. Try to file a complaint and the complaint line will direct you to the same technicians that couldn't answer your question in the first place-then your warranty to return to product runs out.

    Dell physically has people there to help run you though the processes to diagnosis you computer issues and elevate the problem to the higher level technician. With HP you are on your own.

    I have found the Dell website far more user friendly. They will send you computer disc for your software and provide you support for as long as you own the computer. With HP 90 day of no support and you still have no support and you are on your own.

    If things aren't working for you, Dell will send a person to your home-you try that with HP. I've had computers with Dell and all lasted 5-8 years. Not very much problems.

    Vista is creating challenges for all computer manufactures because of serious Microsoft mistakes. I can tell you HP has this program called HP advisor that is more apt to hose your system if you follow its advise. If you call them up, they tell you indirectly to you can turn it off because they have numerous complaints from virtually every customer. Think about that. All that money going into creating the software, forcing you to buy it and it ruins your system more than helps it-all that meaningless R &D money is going away from customer support.

    Microsoft Vista, which I have has really hurt the reputation of all manufacturers. What ends up happening is people return their computers thinking something is wrong with their hardware or set-up. "My computer keeps crashing" Blah, Blah, Blah.

    Currently, performance testing between Vista with the latest beta release support package and XP showed XP beating Vista in virtually every category. The memory consumption MS originally said would be required was 512 MB and that is what all Manufacturers made their computers to. So when MS released the software, after the computers have been sold, users and manufactures discover that the RAM actually requires over 1 GB of RAM. Give me a freaken break, but that is still just shy of what was required. Now the minimum recommended RAM is 2 GB. My system with Vista is running about 1.073 GB RAM. In addition to this, at the 11th hour after the Vista software is installed and computers are sold, MS announces all their hardware mus also be Vista compatible. Given me a break. What hardware is Vista compatible? There is no MS and there are no drivers for even MS products and there are a ton of MS products that will not run on Vista-Nothing is backwards compatible as was promised.

    So what happens is pissed off customers keep changing anf returning their computers until finally they find someone that either gives them XP or more RAM. Then bang, suddenly 70% of the problems go away and the previous manufacture is crap and the new guy is wonderful-greaterst customer support of all times.

    In reality to the average user Vista isn't working much different than XP. There is much, because MS released its product so early in the development cycle that worse OK, but does not work will with other software because many aspects are still not stable.

    Video and web browsers have jitters and lots of problems at the more heavy user level and software developers physically cannot work around until MS corrects its problems.

    For a person experience with hardware and a lot of computers, I will tell you this from experience. Dell spends a hell of a lot more time trying to integrate all its components and software and services than all manufacturers by far. This up from work and constant refining through the products life cycle shows.

    If you truly look at the Dell Website, they walk your through the anti-virus and spyware software they recommend. They also have Vista drivers that even Microsoft doesn't have. They have Vista Drivers downloadable for all the hardware they sell.

    The only issue Dell has in my opinion is if you upgrade or want a part for your computer, you must go through them and it's expensive, but that's the same as HP or any other manufacturer.

    Go ahead a try finding your driver on the HP website.

    For most people, one you successfully complete the Vista installation and load Vista compatible software hardware and software, you will be fine for a long time.

    If you talk to a person who tried to buy a computer between 1-1/2 years ago and two months ago with limited computer savvy, you are going to find a person who is probably almost nuts and has been through their share. You are going to find people who probably gave up on their first manufacturer and will curse them. But as time has marched on manufactures have now learned to ignore MS and put in hardware and drivers they know work. Dell was actually the first company to recognize Vista software was incompatible with fundamental issues and because MS didn't correct these problems people began dumping Dell computers.

    Dell which had been a leader in computers for a long time, in order to try to keep its customers began offering a choice between XP and Vista. They doing it set an industry trend and it pissed of MS. It also forced MS to work harder to correct the problems. Since Dell did that, other manufacturers followed. When MS then said if yu down load XP, you will not be able to later use the Vista software on your computer, Dell told them flat out they can't do that and was the first company to begin offering Linux computers and suddenly once those sales started taking hold MS agreed to all XP users to upgrade to Vista no problems during this time.

    When people say Dell sucks, they have no idea what Dell has done, just to get MS off its butt. They have no idea that the problems people on this board are complaining about were first discovered by Dell and openly released to the public.

    They are using Dell's good will against them.

    If you doubt anything I say, you can check me very easily-just ask any corporate support technican what computer and service they would rather have HP or Dell or Toshiba what ever. ALL WILL COME BACK AND SAY DELL.

    People who buy computers now are not having much trouble because the industry has been able to adjust. unfortunately because Dell had corners most of the market during this time , they had the most customers to lose. Now they are trying to come out of it and their original own has bought back the company and implementing a lot of changes to bring back the business. Dell hardware is not that bad. It has been quality tested to work with all there systems

  • 1 decade ago

    Dell hardware is really that bad. I've had multiple Dell PC's and they have all crashed at least once.

    The Vista thing, however, is just a result of the Mac advertising. Everyone wants to say Mac is better because they have "funny" commercials. They don't base it off of their experience with Vista, just what the commercial tells them.

    Just try things out and get an operating system you are comfortable using is the key. Then look into things like RAM and the Hard Drive space. And it would probably be a good idea to go with a dual-core processor.

    I don't have a preference as far as Vista goes, but I can tell you that Dell is not a good place to purchase your hardware. Happy holidays.

  • 1 decade ago

    After the first of the year Windows XP is not being sold to OEM Companies anymore. Everything will be Vista Based. Vista is set up a little bit different than XP. I have been on Vista for over 6 months now. The only problem with Vista is the upgrade in technology, and the problem with Vista using alot more than Normal Virtual Memory. XP has 21-23 (on normal) processes running in the back ground. Vista on the other hand, has almost twice that. But the Service Pack (SP1) to fix these performance issues is supposed to be released in January, which is about 3 months off of the normal release date (October).

  • 1 decade ago

    Dell sometimes use cheap quality components, sometimes have customer service issues, and install annoying numbers of trial programs with their computers. They don't always provide reinstall disks for Windows, and when they sell linux, it's very well hidden on their website.

    But they are not that bad, and I'm writing this on a Dell. It still works, it runs linux just fine, and I don't use any of the trialware.

    Vista is a bit of a resource hog, and in the UK is vastly overpriced. There were unnecessarily restrictive licencing conditions, and it has a lot of features to restrict what you can do with High Def video. Sometimes this goes wrong, or causes problems. There were lots of incompatibilities in the early days (and still are some). It's not much better than XP in most important ways, is worse in some, and is overhyped. Oh yes - and it's made by microsoft :-)

    If you're looking for a cheap laptop, without the latest graphics hardware, and ooodles of memory, XP will be fine - possibly even better.

    Whatever their faults, Dell recently relented and started selling XP with new systems again, as an option.

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  • Linds
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Dell is just a bad all around company. They have the all time worst tech support and don;t even try getting help on their web site. If takes them 3 days to get back to you when you send them an e-mail. Unlike with HP, that respond within an hour of your response.

    And don't even try to download updated drivers for your dell computer, as it's a hard process, that involves ways too much work, Of first needing to save it to a disk and not right to the computer. With HP and most of the other computer companies, you can download straight to your computer and be updates.

    As for the dislike toward Vista, that's all over the place. Doesn't matter what site I go to or who I talk to. Nobody likes Vista, they all want to go back to XP. Which has caused Microsoft to allow the computer companies to start selling computer with XP on them, this should take effect sometime after the new year, from what I have read.

    There are a lot of compatibility issues with vista, certain programs, and devices such as printers and routers, not playing nice with Vista. Everyone that has Vista has come to find out that their printer that may not even be that old, wont work and they need to buy a brand new one. Business are the ones that really are having major problems with vista.

  • 1 decade ago

    The fact of the matter is that Dell computers are integrated systems, that when upgrading they are not the choice with a serious user. Fact they use the cheapest hardware and parts made to keep those costs down. Fact Vista operating systems are super ram hogs. Fact the platform is very unstable, you have to find programs that are Vista compatible for them to work. Fact case you have a printer or any other accessories that not Vista compatable then you have to start looking to see if there are drivers to make them work. Enf said

  • 1 decade ago

    This link will help you on finding the right laptop.

    Vista was crappy when it first came out because of the lack of drivers. Its a lot better now. If you wanna know about vista get this months Maximum pc magazine.

  • 1 decade ago

    I love Dell and I love Vista. I received an Inspiron 1420 for my birthday back in September, and I've loved it since. Haven't had any major problems whatsoever.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have vista Ultimate it never gave me any trouble, I am very pleased with it, my daughter has Dell and it is working excellent.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    dell just sucks

    vista isnt that bad but they shouldnt of released it yet there are still alot of problems with vista

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