Can Canadians living in Canada use for trading?

Hi - About 8 months ago I tried to sign up, and couldnt get past the extensive signup area bc I didnt have a US address (which is required) - Then, after getting a US mailing address through a 3rd party service, I found out that I still couldnt get an account, since it wasnt supported in Canada - and a agent finally confirmed this...

However, I see all these questions about Zecco on Yahoo answers Canada, and was just wondering if any Canadians living in Canada can actually trade on Zecco..


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    NOt legally.

    In order to use you need an American address and an American Social Security Number. Getting the address is easy..........getting the SSN is not as easy.

    All American based brokerages are required by law to report all trades to the Securities and Exchange Commission as well as to the Internal Revenue Service.

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