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Why doesn't god like dinosaurs?

At least he doesn't seem to like that part of his creation enough to keep them around. Any ideas?

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    Hehehe...can I refer my noble friend to this uber-long "Forgotten Parable", recently unearthed in Khazakstan.

    ...And after Jesus and the twelve had been in Jerusalem some days, they stopped one night, to rest themselves and wipe away the cares of the day in wine and bread. And being men of many stations and minds, the conversation then fell off, and all was quiet, each avoiding the other's eye. And Simon Peter, who never could abide a silence, addressed the Lord, saying:

    "For God's sake, let's liven it up a bit. Rabbi, tell us one of your stories."

    But Jesus did refuse them, saying

    "You're kidding, right? Healing lepers not enough for you now?"

    "Yes but-"

    "Raising the dead?"

    "It's a showstopper, to be sure. I just aked if-"

    "If I wouldn't mind doing half an hour? What do you think this is, dinner theatre?"

    And Simon Peter was chastened, and said no more. But the Lord looked upon him with compassionate eyes, and sighed.

    "One more then, just for you," said the Lord, and Simon Peter's heart was filled with joy.

    The Lord paused for thought, and all eyes were upon him.

    "Consider the dinosaurs..." he said. "They neither toil in the fields, nor do they-"

    "The what?" said Judas Iscariot, interrupting.

    The Lord turned to him, and his face was wroth.

    "The dinosaurs," he said again.

    "What about them?"

    The Lord sighed.

    "They neither toil in the fields, nor...where was I?"

    Matthew read quickly back from his notes.

    "Nor do they-" he said.

    The Lord was sore confused. "Nor do they what?"

    "We do not know were saying they neither toil in the fields, nor do they...something..."

    "Oh. Right, yes." The Lord cleared his throat, and began again.

    "Consider the dinosaurs..."

    "What's a dinosaur?" said Judas.

    And the Lord did grind his teeth, and turn again to his interrupter.

    "The dinosaurs! Big scaly monsters, huge teeth, roamed all over the planet, most of them had a brain the size of a pea."

    Judas made to ask another question of the Lord.

    "Like some other people I could mention," said the Lord quietly, and Judas spake no more.

    "Consider the bloody..."

    "Erm..." said Simon Peter. "Sorry to interrupt you Rabbi...but when did these dino-saurs as you call them...well...I mean...when did they exist?"

    The Lord sighed again, and full of vexation was he.

    "Before you lot," he said. "Before you grew up from primitive primates, there were the dinosaurs. They died out before you evolved. Happy?! Everyone on the same page now?"

    "But surely..." said Simon Peter, who was knowledgeable in such matters, "...surely in the beginnning there was Adam and Eve in the garden, and they were created unique above all creatures, and were the parents of us all?"

    Jesus looked at him curiously.

    "You kidding me? You still believe that? I thought at least you lot would understand."

    And there was silence among the twelve.

    "Understand, Lord?" said Peter.

    "That was just a simplified version of the story. Of course you weren't 'created unique '. Good grief, talk about arrogant! No, there were all sorts of things on the planet before you lot. Dinosaurs were the last major rulers of the planet..."

    Peter blinked.

    "But...but that means..."

    "The POINT about the bloody dinosaurs, if you'll let me get a word in edgeways here, is that they ruled the planet for millions of years, and never dreamed they were in any kind of trouble..." He looked at Judas and Simon Peter both.

    "Then WALLOP! One spectacular event later, they were nothing but dust and bones."

    Judas shuffled awkwardly in his place. Simon Peter considered his sandals.

    "Learn from the dinosaurs," said the Lord. "Complacency will get you every time. You might rule the world, but unless you feed, clothe, shelter those who need it, you are no better than the beasts, and your fate, like theirs, will go unmarked to silence."

    The twelve considered.

    "And as for you two," said the Lord, addressing Judas Iscariot and Simon Peter, "I'm watching you two, alright? Now can we eat please, my feet are killing me and I want an early night..."

    And as the twelve fell to discussion of the weighty matters the Lord had revealed unto them, Thomas nudged Matthew in the ribs and spoke quietly.

    "Can't see that making it into the book, can you?"

    And Matthew shook his head, scratching out the notes he had made.

    "Nah," he muttered in reply. "They'd never believe it."

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    Two schools of thought attempt to answer this question in a sensible manner from two totally different approaches.

    From a religious point of view.

    God established the laws of physics. Those laws govern everything that happens on this earth. When mankind sinned, it set in motion events unfriendly to our environment. The weather patterns changed, food became more scarce. Any dinosaurs that survived that were certain to drown in the flood. That doesn't mean that God wanted them to drown, there just wasn't a place for them in a world that was about to have a population explosion. God didn't intend to drown all the other people in a flood, but the evil was so bad he had to eliminate the people to eliminate the evil that came with them.

    So I wouldn't go so far as to say God doesn't like dinosaurs, they were just victims of circumstances.

    Scientific viewpoint. Everything on earth follows laws of Physics. Even the weather.

    It is widely believed amongst scientists that two large meteorites struck the earth and caused a huge cloud of dust and debris that caused a world wide cooling. There is a massive crater in Siberia that was caused by one and the second is in Mexico. The dust clouds from that collision blocked the sunlight and caused vegetation to die off quite dramatically. Large plant eating dinosaurs could not find enough to eat and died. The meat eating dinosaurs were dependent on the large veggie dinos for food. They were too large and slow to catch the smaller creatures and so they too died off. Only the smaller creatures that were fast enough to outrun them or duck into holes were able to survive. Plus they didn't depend on vast amounts of food.

    So one theory says they drowned in a world wide flood, the other says they starved after a massive meteor collision.

    Either way God loved them enough to create them in the first place.

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    I'll have to go with the Jurassic Park answer.

    Humans+dinosaurs=humans bitten in half while sitting on the toilet.

    Or it could have been that meteor thing.

    Or maybe God got tired of them. Koalas and puppies are a lot cuter and cuddlier...maybe God wanted a more Care-Bear-ish world.

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    Here's an interesting thought. Dinosaurs were around for a much longer space of time, then man has so far.

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    When He created the world, the atmospheric pressure was about 30 psi and the Oxygen % was about 40. After the flood, when things became approximately what we experience today, they could not survive. (Things are no longer "very good")

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    He made them, then an asteroid wiped them out 65 million years ago.

    All things pass... the Earth is 4.4 billion years old, so, yeah, some things are gone.

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    well. they were tools God used to make flowers.

    yes. you heard me right.

    without dinosaurs there would be no flowering plants in the world.

    God planned it pretty good, didn't He?

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    Plenty of people have wrote about them (just called them dragons) post-flood,think about it though,who wants to set up house next to the roaming grounds of a t-rex or crop munching brachiosaurs?

    Man killed them off just as he kills every other animal perceived as a threat to survival

    e.g. bears and wolves in america

    Giant elks in ireland

    wooly rhinos and mammoths etc.

    tigers and lions in asia and africa

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    He did not create them, humans did. That is why they were not on the ark and why you do not see any of them running around on the Serengeti plane.

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    They weren't good candidates to co-exist with man. Ever watched "Jurassic park"?

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