why wont my girlfriend talk to me?

hey me and my girlfriend have been going out for 6 months and ive just been in europe for 2 weeks and im going home on the 29th but just 2 days ago i got an email from my girlfriend saying that she wants to take a "break" from our relationship and that she has heard alot of stuff from people and is almost 100% sure that it is true and that i have hid too much stuff from her... and ive tried everything,texting, calling, msn, facebook to try to talk to her but all she said was things will never get better, you held too much back and hid so much. the worst part is that she wont talk to me about it!! i dont even know what the stuff she has heard from people is!! and im grieving over her like krazy and she wont talk to me. i tell her i still love her and anything but she wont reply, i really miss her. whats going on? what should i do?

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    If she is that easily swayed by what other people say that she isn't willing to give you a chance to defend yourself, then you are better off without her.

    Wait till you get home, then go see her and tell her it is only fair she tell you what has been said about you. If she won't let you do that, then move on and don't look back.

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    well have you done anything at all that would make her want to break up with you? if not,,then maybe she is using all of that as an excuse because maybe she's been up to bad stuff while you were gone for 2 weeks...ya never know,,i mean usually when someone is falsly acussing it usually means that they are guilty of something themselves and their trying to find a way to convince themselves that what they have done is alright...i would check in to it if i were you,,you might be sweating over it when really it was her doing something wrong all along...i would want to know that wouldn't you?

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    Keep trying dude. Tell her you need to talk to her. Tell her that if she believes what other people say before she hears what you have to say then maybe shes not really tryign to fix any of it. My advice prolly wont help anything but those are my thoughts. Kepp trying to talk to her. Tell her that you would liek to talk with her and work thigns out. Persistence i guess. Keep trying dude. Sorry man...

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    Give her time. Maybe she heard so much stuff and if you

    were acting suspecious when you were with her she probably

    believed it. Give her time to cool off, and then write her a

    letter or call her, or something.

    If she doesn't give you a chance to talk, then just move on.

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    confess, say out everything that you might be hiding from her and maybe she might get a good laugh and feel better :]

    i did that once to one of my friends and she was laughing until she had to go pee and now we are almost bestest pals

  • 1 decade ago

    Because it's all TRUE and now she is going out with your best friend. If it's not true it's time to date her best friend.

  • 1 decade ago

    what a hard situation, the only thing you really can do is wait for her to contact you

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    because you are stalking her... leave her alone till she contacts you

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