Do guys believe that girls are lovesick dreamers?

We hear everywhere that guys only care about sex. I am friends with and respect many intelligent guys, and I know that they fall for intelligent girls, so I am not asking about this. My question is ... do guys really perceive love differently? I am in love with a friend of mine but whenever I talk to him about the sort of romantic novels I read (Jane Austin hihi) he rolls his eyes and tell me that guys and girls are just different. That we want our fairy tale weddings but guys are just looking for adventure. So I've gotten used to being cynical and thinking that I may never get the kind of complete understanding that I want with a guy. But I hate to be cynical, I love being a sappy, hopeless romantic. Do guys really only force themselves to be romantic to get into our pants? LOL I watched Enchanted today and it was so sweet just to let go and believe in true, passionate love. What do *guys* think of it? Do they secretly melt? Or are they really as cold as they pretend? I'm curious.

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    1 decade ago
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    all us guys think about sexual fantasies alot lol. saying that we dont is a lie lol, but we do have hearts and can be very romantic, i think some guys are romantic to get into girls pants yes lol, i dont think love is like a fairy tale like in the movies, it can be very cold and long which is why im single and staying that way to do what i please in life :)

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  • i know some men , and have dated some that really love all that romantic stuff. Its not uncommon for a guy to like all the romance just as much as the girl. Some guys however are not into it at all , it just depends on the person. So no i dont think guys think girls are lovesick because many guys feel that way to

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  • 1 decade ago

    All guys are not for all depends on how u perceive him and accept him...

    As there are bad girls there are bad guys too..

    I personally do not consider girls are love sick...I would sit with her understand what she is first and what for upto..

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