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How to DISABLE INTRANET settings?

Please help! I enabled intranet settings, and now I want to disable them, but I have no idea how! I have Vista, if that helps.

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    They are always there and on....

    in IE

    tools, internet options,

    security tab.....

    select local intranet and at the bottom, restore defaults....

    all that you did will be undone...

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    You should keep them both on because if the belkin one fails then you have the backup on your systems. Usually when you get the errors you are getting you have some additional configurations that needs to taken into account on the windows firewall that haven't been set. This could be because you are using ports that were not used in the past. Can you get by without it, sure but take this into your thoughts. Unless you are confident in your settings on the router and believe no one can get through it to your systems then you have nothing to worry about, however, if by some chance they do get through then any systems on the other side is wide open for someone to poke around in. Not to make you paranoid but it is better to be safe than sorry.

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    Intranet Options

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