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What are best buy policies regarding returning merchandise?

I purchased a compac desktop in Aug 07. I am not happy

with its performance, or Best Buy employee atitude Who can I

contact regarding solving my problems? Please help

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    Favorite Answer will accept returns within 30 days of delivery, only. (See link, below.)

    This policy is clearly stated on their website. (See link, below.) Best Buy employee attitude is irrelevant. But you can always ask the employee to let you speak with his/her supervisor. Explain to the supervisor -- courteously -- exactly what your problem with the product is and why it took you so long to complain about it and -- who knows? --you just could get lucky.

    The supervisor will probably refer you to the manufacturer and you can try out your story on them. They are more likely to be responsive than the store. Again, you may need to escalate after the initial contact.

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