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To proove it I was able to take a pic of the firedepartment from security cam with pc THIS IS NOT A JOKE THEY?

wont let me go

It's now over 90 minutes and they say several more hours


Are they allowed to hold me like police? There hasnt been any crime they are upset I wont clean up the apartment of a mean and nasty tenant at my expense at 1:30am now its 3 am

Update 2:

oh clean up cause he set a fire.

Its not effecting anyone else I took care of that just the ******* druggy who passed out with the stove on

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    how are they locking you in a room if they are sitting in a lobby?

    are you sure they are not letting you leave because it is not safe?

    edit - we now know your real name , rebecca. and im guessing last name too. i would be more worried about perverts searching for apartment fires to find your address, then the fire department.

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    Tell them you want to speak to your lawyer.. 411 any lawyer you know and get some legal advice.

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