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How to tell the gender of a pearl gourami?

hi i have what i think is a pearl gourami

it has a black line starting from mouth and finishing with a black spot but i dont no if it is a male or female please help

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    It sounds like you may actually have a hybrid between a pearl and a snakeskin which carry the horizontal dark brown line but also retain the same pearl effect spots on the flank. This fish can reach 9 inches so make sure you can accomodate it long term.

    The length of the dorsal fins is two to three times that of the female and is pointed at the end whereas the females is about an inch long and rounded. Females tend to be more docile around tank mates whereas a single male will become frustrated and start to bully other tank mates.

  • Anonymous
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    Male Pearl Gouramis have longer, more pointed dorsal fins, and long, extended rays of the anal fin, Males also get bright red to orange on the breast. They are pretty easy to tell apart.

  • 4 years ago

    i does not upload the rest on your tank. keep on with the a million inch according to gallon rule, and from what you have already interior the tank, you're already at 10 gallons. Gouramis get to be 4" and Dwarf Gouramis get to be around 2", so in case you have been to characteristic from now on fish you would be overstocked. a much bigger tank could provide you extra recommendations although :)

  • Anonymous
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    males have a pointed dorsal fin and extended fin rays on the anal fin.males in breeding colour also show more red on there underside

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  • 1 decade ago

    if he looks like this hes a male:http://www.aquariumfish.net/images_01/gourami_pear...

    if not its a female

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