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Just got hair coloured, but it's WAY TO DARK!!!!!?


I just got my hair coloured today, I went from blonde to brunette...but I think it turned out a little dark. If I wash my hair tomorrow will it lighten a little bit...or how else can I do that?

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    Get some Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three

    It's a Clarifying shampoo and will fade the color

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    It will fade each time you wash it. I think that you just need to get used to it. You are just not used to it being so dark. I am sure it looks good.

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    omgsh me too.the color on the box said dark brown and my hair came out jet looked so horrible and my hair looked faked...i washed my hair almost everyday and in about a week or 2 it went dark brown and it looked just like the color on the box..

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    Use blech or contact a hairdresser to get it colored right again.

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