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Sheet Music?

Where can I get free sheet music for hip hop songs?

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    well, if you mean by lyrics, then you can just go to google and type the title and then put lyrics after it. if you mean sheet music like the piano playing, or another instrument's notes(drums, guitar..) then you might want to try out this sight. you download the sheet music, and then print it out for free! i've tried it, it works! but i'm not sure about rap music, though i'm pretty sure they have it... but i think they have it. try it out! (p.s. i forgot to tell you, i think the site's in german or something, but if you go to the top right hand corner. there's an american flag and this other flag. click the american flag, and everything will translate into english!)

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    It really isn't sheet music but this site could help you. or Google it

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