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Rate my pokemon team?

Arcainine Lvl70 Brave Nature charcoal <Flamethrower, Dragonpulse, Extreme speed, Solar beam

Altaria Lvl 70 Naughty nature Dragon fang<Ice beam, Dracometeor, Earthquake or fly, Flamethrower or other>.

Dragonite Lvl72 Calm nature Shell bell<Dragon rush, Flamethrower, icebeam, surf>

Leafeon Lvl73 Naughty nature miracle seed<LeafBlade, Aerial ace, Shadowball, Xsiccors or other>

Venasaur Lvl75 Quiet Nature Rose Incense< Frenzey plant, SludgeBomb, EnergyBall or double edge, EarthQuake>

Glaceon Lvl71 BoldNature Never melt ice<IceBeam, Iceshard, Waterpulse, shadowball>

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    Your team's not bad, but it's not good. You have 2 Pokemon (Altaria and Dragonite) with identical types, 1 (Leafeon) whose type is already covered (Venusaur), and you're not using them to the best of their ability in some instances. Here's something I've written up if you want to keep your current line-up (although changing natures will require breeding):


    4 resistance (Fire is an immumity with Flash Fire), 3 weaknesses.

    Dragon Pulse is a Special Attack (which is low for Arcanine), and Solarbeam costs a turn. Consider switching for a pairing of Crunch/Thunder Fang/Hidden Power (Ground/Grass) (pick 2 of 3, depending on preference).

    Invest some PP Up in Extremespeed.

    You may prefer an Adamant nature (ups Atk, down Sp Atk), so as not to lower speed (which is a fairly important stat on something like Arcanine). However, you've got Flamethrower (special, STAB, upped power with Charcoal and Flash Fire), and if you go with Hidden Power, you'll want to keep Sp Atk up (Flamethrower is beefed enough already). Alternatively, EV train until the values are adjusted accordingly.


    Exactly the same type as Dragonite.

    4 resistances at 50%, 1 at 25% (grass), 1 immunity (ground), BUT 2 weaknesses at 200% (dragon and rock), and 1 at 400% (ice)

    Altaria suits a very defensive style of play, but you seem to be pushing it offensively. Consider switching naughty to Bold (Def up, Atk down), pushing EVs into Def/Sp Def, and maybe a few into speed (although it's not necessary), and going with the moveset: Dragon Claw, Haze, Fire Blast, Rest. Equip it with Leftovers too, if you have them.


    See Altaria for Dragonite's weaknesses/resistances.

    With Dragonite, you're looking for a Dragon Dance set-up. Go with a Lonely/Adamant/Naughty nature (up attack, but don't lower speed), and go with Dragon Claw/Dragon Pulse (Dragon Rush is inaccurate), Earthquake, Thunderbolt, and Dragon Dance (to boost attack/speed). Train EVs into Attack and Speed.


    Pure Grass type. 4 resistances, 5 weaknesses.

    Grass-type already covered with Venusaur.

    Base stats aren't great, and I reckon there are better grass types out there, but still, if you wanna continue with it, I'd suggest a moveset of Bite, Leaf Blade, Aerial Ace, and Natural Gift, while holding a Micle Berry (Natural Gift's power and type are based on Berry held - in the case of Micle Berry, power 80, Rock, which takes care of 4 out of 5 weaknesses).

    Go for a Jolly Nature (up Speed, lower Sp Atk), and push EVs into Speed and Atk, saving some for Def if you prefer.


    Grass/Poison - 3 resistances at 50%, 1 at 25% (grass), and 4 weaknesses

    You can either go in to battle here with Leech Seed/Toxic/Ingrain/(Earthquake or Natural Gift with the Micle Berry again), and use it as a stall tactic, with the 4th move as an offensive (3 of Venusaur's weaknesses are weak to rock, but only 1 to Earthquake). The other moveset I like is Sludge Bomb/(Energy Ball/Seed Bomb/Giga Drain)/Leech Seed/(Sleep Powder or Earthquake).

    Go for an Impish or Careful Nature (lower Sp Atk, while boosting Def or Sp Def respectively) with the first moveset and a Relaxed/Sassy nature (lower Speed, up Def/SpDef) with the second. Pump EVs into HP, distributing the rest between Def and Sp Def.


    Pure Ice gives 1 resistance (Ice), and 4 weaknesses.

    Bold or Relaxed are both good natures to have here (raise Def, lower Atk/Speed), although Modest/Quiet (Sp Atk up, Atk/Speed down) both allow for huge Sp Atk stats, giving it a Special Sweeper feel.

    For that, you'll want to play Ice Beam/Shadow Ball/Water Pulse/(Hidden Power Ground/Avalanche). The last move will depend on personal preference - a Ground-based Hidden Power counters 3 of Glaceon's 4 weaknesses, while Avalanche doubles in power if you take damage first (useful for Relaxed/Quiet natures)

    Overall, your line-up has weaknesses. Namely, 4 Pokemon weak to Ice (Altaria and Dragonite are doubly weak), 4 to Rock, and 3 to Fire. Someone with only 1 or 2 strong Pokemon coudl easily overwhelm you, given the right moves. Trade out one of the dragons, at least. Incorporate more types to your Pokemon, work on EVs, and make the most of the moves available to your Pokemon. If in doubt, ask people on here, or check, for information.

    I hope the information I gave was helpful to you.

    Source(s): taught me most of the things I know.
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    A lovely team, yes.. but there are a few issues with type balance. Your team has a hideous weakness to the ice type.. Anyone with a strong Weavile and an ice "tank" could steamroll your Venusaur (2x weak to ice), Leafeon (2x), Dragonite (4x), and Altaria (4x). A strong ground type such as Hippowdon could probably also take the Glaceon and Arcanine. Right here, a 3-Pokemon team could probably take your six.. then you have to consider the use of strong psychic types that could do high additional damage.

    I give your team a 6/10 and suggest you replace Leafeon with Houndoom or Magnezone, and Altaria with Porygon Z, Togekiss, or Lucario.

    (visit Bulbagarden for more information on all your Pokemon needs, including trading and battling. Upon becoming a member (it's free), contact Lunabee for extra help via e-mail, or Private Message through the website)

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    Hm, I'm sorry to say that Dragonite, one of my previous team members, got Nerfed in the new games. Its too risky to have them as sweepers of walls in your team, they simply are not up to either task.

    Leafeon and Venausaur on one team is also a waste of space, NEVER use 2 Pokemon of the same type on one team.

    Your team also has a glaring weakness to Fire, Psychics, and strong Physical Wall Pokemon like a fully "pimped" Wigglytuff or Miltank. They could stall your whole game with recovery moves while taking you down with progressively stronger moves like rollout and earthquake.

    Heres a great site for Team Building:

    Source(s): Me, a Hardcore Gamer!
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  • 4 years ago

    I find it funny that you said slaking reliable when its like the least reliable pokemon ever.

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    1 decade ago

    wow, that is a fantastic pokemon team you have there!

    out of ten stars, i say..7 or 8!

    Source(s): long-time pokemon gamer
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    good i like the combination of pokemon and the bonus of having the hold items

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  • 1 decade ago

    preaty good team

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    wow! is that real??

    I rate it with 5*

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