How do I remove fake nails painlessly? I saw someone said to use nail polish remover. That doesn't work.

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    1 decade ago
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    my nail person takes a fake nail and slips it under the nail that is stuck on...but only after soaking the stuck nail in nail polish remover...leave it in the polish remover until you are able to remove it with the fake nail...

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    i just removed y nails an hour ago

    i got my nail file, but it has a pointy tip and kind of jammed it under my acrylics to pull it out

    it didnt hurt at all!!! the last couple tough to get off nails, i dip in nail polish remover (w/ acetone)and pry them off

    next step: for the glue, either soak wih water or nail polish remover, then file down

    step 3: after file is done (do not over file!!!) put lotion on, any type, especially on nails

    step 4:clear nail polish, but preferably nnail repair or hardender b/c nails will be thin!!


    xD ~~Priya

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    1 decade ago

    + Use nail clippers and cut your nail tips down as far as you can - the shorter you can get them, the less acrylic nail you'll ultimately have to pry off.

    + Using a nail file, file off any gel or topcoat on your acrylic nails so that they are more susceptible to the acidic qualities of the acetone.

    + Soak ten of your cotton balls in acetone until they are completely saturated.

    + Lay one soaked cotton ball over each of your acrylic fingernails.

    + Use the foil strips to wrap each cotton-topped fingernail as tightly as possible.

    + Soak for as least 20 minutes while you sit still and let the acetone work its magic. If you remove the foil prematurely, the acrylic will immediately start to harden again.

    + Peel back the foils from your acrylic nails one at a time.

    + Using a clean orangewood stick, scrape the acrylic right off. It should come off easily, but if you find some stubborn residue, gently buff it off with your nail buffer.

    + Finally, massage olive oil or heavy hand cream into your nails and nail beds, as acetone is extremely drying. Continue to apply oil or lotion at least three times every day for the first few weeks your acrylic nails are off.

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    1 decade ago

    you do use nail polish remover but be sure it has acetone and you soak them for a while then they should come off pretty easily and painlessly!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Get 100% acetone nail polish remover. Put some in a small glass (no plastic or metal) and soak your nails in it. They should come off then.

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    There is no "painless" to this process. Trust me, it hurts like freakin hell no matter how you do it. First start by clipping off the part of the nail that is sticking out to make it flush with your finger. Then you can start from the fake nail closest to the cuticle and get some finger nail clippers and start clippin! It'll take a few days to get them off. but if you take something and push it under neath very slowly over a period of days, they will come off. But clipping the nail part off helps the most. You will unconsciously chew on them too... which will help them come off.

    Finger nail polish softens the stuff, but it doesn't just make them fall off. I wish... I did the polish remover once, and it was okay... but the process of taking the nails off still hurt like hell.

    If you have lots of patience, you can file them down and then pry off the thin layer that's left. That's probably the most painless method.

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    depends is it gel? Well now thats hard to get off. Nail polish remover works really great for glued nails.

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    you have to soak your nails in nail polish remover with acitone. you cant just dip them in there for a sec. hold them there for several min. if they dont start to peel after 5 min or so continue to soak until they peel painlessly.

    Source(s): im a nail tech. and that is the painless way to go without damaging your own nails any further
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    Soak your fake nails in pure 100% acetone

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    1 decade ago

    acetone remover. get a glass jar and put marbles in it..fill the jar with acetone remover and soak all of your nails in the jar while wiggling them around... after 10 minutes get a hard super heavy duty file and file the acrylic off. ..then soak and repeat

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