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WHICH IS WORSE: Social or "Political" corruption?

So which one is a bigger threat to our culture/society? Social or political corruption?

When I say "Political" I guess I don't mean it in a completely white house kind of way. But I think you know what I mean.

Now when I say Social. That means the break down of family, moral, intregrity, ethics. Just the decline of a person's soul and character in general. You know? And NO I'm not Right-winger!!!

Which one is worse? or are they both in the same?

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    I think they are almost the same because we, as a society, elect our political representatives, having faith that they will be fair, just and moral. This is why everyone in a society should vote, otherwise we will end up with the politicians we deserve.

    Social corruption occurs when governments become corrupt and stop providing for their people.

    Some people will then turn to drugs, crime and break down ever further. The "family" is usually blamed for the mistakes of every individual.

    Ethics are an ideal we all really strive for but don't always realise. As long as we strive for them they are possible and each individual must take responsibility for their own behaviour. The blame game is just that, a game.

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    As others have said, political is worse because it sets the scene. Even worse, however, is systemic corruption, such as in the USA where political corruption is mandated by the system. Far from discouraging corruption, the system makes it impossible to get elected without selling selling oneself to the corporates. This is one of the major reasons why the USA claiming moral high ground all the time is so offensive to the rest of the world - and as for one of the most undemocratic countries "exporting democracy" ...

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    Easy Political corruption,because it leds to Social Corruption.

    Watch the movie V for Vendetta,its give an example of political corruption.

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    This one is hard.... I think political corruption can lead to social corruption. So probably political corruption would be more of a threat. Political corruption can distupt or society and cause social corruption in the end. They are almost equal in threat but if I had to choose, I would choose political.

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