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What can we do to open slaughter houses??

surely people have seen the damage that is has caused to the closeing of the slaughter houses..... what can we do to get them reopened!!


you would figure that people would realize the negetive outcome of this decision and reconsider...wouldnt you think......

Update 2:

to those that question why..... we want them to open the houses back up here in the us to keep control over how it is done..... do some research on how mexico runs their slaughter houses..... multiple stabbing ..... come on.... dont you want to controll the situation a little more rather than just pretending that it is not happening..... its something that has to be done.... whether you like it or not..... why not have some control on how its done!!!....

read the other post and do some reaserch before telling me how wrong it is!

Update 3:

this is only 1 of many reasons to open the houses back up....

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    i hate the idea of animals being killed for no reason, i really do. but when you think about it, we kind of bring this on ourselves. people breed horses because they like them when they are young but do not think about what will happen to them later in life. THINK OF IT THIS WAY-what happens if you have a kid and then throw her on the street? you would be in a lot of trouble. most people plan before they have a kid, so why don't we plan before we have a foal? you should need a license to breed horses to bring the population down. make it somewhat expensive too. if a person is going to breed a horse, they need to have enough money to take care of him/her. the money that is made can go to a horse rescue foundation.

    we should NOT reopen the slaughter houses, we should inform people. raise awareness. tell people to think about the results before they breed their horses. go to someone with authority (the mayer maybe?). make this idea active. show him the results of horse breeding and tell him that their needs to be change. we can't keep breeding our horses just for the heck of it, we need to think before we act.

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  • I don't know how to add this as a link - I am sure someone else will do it once this posts. This is a must see video - shows a bit about how they do it in Canada and Mexico. Also the Humane Society website has multiple things posted regarding slaughter. My favorite is the myth and truth page - gets me mad all over again seeing them say that if slaughter isn't an option then all the horses going there will be privately euthanized, re-homed, never bred in the first place (because of course all the PMU and BYB will realize the horrible problem they have created and stop immediately!)etc. I stop now in order for this answer to not be reported and removed!

    Would some technologically savvy perosn fix this link, please?


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    This is a WONDERFUL question, I have wondered the same thing myself!

    The only answer I have come up with is to write to congress??? -but will they really listen? Probably not!

    They wont even listen to the crys from The Animal Welfare Council, The American Assoc. of Equine Practioners, The American Vet. Mediacl Assoc., or The AQHA.....why would they listen to any of us???

    MAYBE, and I say MAYBE "if" enough people got together, physicaly or by petition and letters, they would -but as already mentioned I think there are MANY more (Moranic) people against slaughter then the (Logical) people that are for the "necessary evil" of horse slaughter!

    The AWC (Animal Welfare Council) wrote a paper called "The Unintended Consequences of a ban on the Humane Slaughter of Horses in The U.S.", it is lenghty but worth reading and passing it on to ANYONE that will listen. You can find it at http://www.animalwelfarecouncil.com/ (the link to the paper is next to the girl with the goat).

    Slaughter, was a of course well intended idea, but boy it sure did backfire! -affecting the ENTIRE nation more than anyone could imagine!!!

    I also read where congress regected the idea for funding of slaughter house inspections/ inspectors, which would hopefully apease the "ignorant horse lovers" so that they would allow / vote for the reopening of the plants.

    Which is VERY frustrating!

    I HATE the idea of Slaughter houses (my heart goes out to our four legged freinds that end up there), but I HATE MORE seeing NEWS after NEWS of dead horses found in stalls, that starved to death! The horses lucky enough to be rescued that were in the next stall, watching their stall mate die a SLOW PAINFUL, AGONIZING DEATH!

    Something has got to give!!!

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    All the answers on this question say what horrible thing slaughter houses are why,people need to stop attributing human qualities to animals,they do not have long thoughtful conversations,they do plot their escape,they do not write long tear filled good by letters while on death row,they are animals,beloved because of the heritage they have,but they are animals,no different than a chicken or a cow,if people in other lands are willing to eat them and we have to many to care for then carve them up and ship em. And yes I have been to a slaughter house as I use to transport animals commercially to them for four years.

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  • Debi
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    1 decade ago

    All you can do is to get started on a writing campaign with petitions etc. as Boxer says.

    I'm afraid I am one of the people who said from the start that it was a bad idea and unfortunately I was proved right.

    What is needed is industry wide regulation and restructuring with frequent inspections. whether you will ever get it done is another story.

    I hate to think of all those poor animals being carted to mexico or dying a slow and miserable death in forgotten backlots.

    The sad truth is that there is only so much space in the shelters and far too many horses that no-one can help.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am with you 110%!! Closing the US slaughter houses has done nothing but harm the equine population in this country. I have actually written numerous articles on the subject, so I don't want to get into a complete rant about how incredibly ASININE the ban is. But I would love to be able to do something to reopen the US slaughter houses.

    The problem is that the general public is terribly misinformed and unaware of the realities of the horse industry. I wish every single one of the IDIOTS that pushed for the ban would have to assume complete physical and financial responsibility for at least one horse.

    Email me and we can talk about it further! I'd love to hear more of what you have to say. Also, FYI, there is a website that might give you some info:


    Source(s): Rancher, QH and paint breeder, trainer, and most of all...horse lover.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hey femroper i think Slaughter houses should be opened everywhere because its a persons own personal business if they want to eat horse meat or not. I personally dont like it...tastes really bad.

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  • lj
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    1 decade ago

    I heard something about the Illinois slaughter house reopening. I'm not sure if it's true though.


    Slaughter is a horrible thing, and it's sad, but it really is needed!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hopefully those in favor of closing the slaughterhouses will soon see the damage it's done to ALL aspects of the horse industry. It has affected the buying and selling market horribly, simply due to the law of supply and demand and it's driving the feed prices up. I strongly discourage anyone from breeding their horses no matter how nice they think their horse is because we already have too many horses!! Wake up people!!

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    in my opinion, slaughter houses are both good and bad... i think the fact that people need meet is very actual and i really don't want my food coming from some other country where i don't know what they've done to it, since every one has their own ways of doing things. (no offense to other people from other countries, of course.) but i do have a problem with people taking their pets or animals to a slaughter house just because of bad behavior... its the same as murder when people do that... but that's just my opinion.

    if you want to get alot of things for a pettition tho, if you do decide to do one, a good thing to do would be to make a web page or a myspace link and get people to vote for it online. you can't really ask for their names tho, just addresses unless they don't have a problem with supplying their names. (which i think is really stupid because there are some real psychos out there..)

    hope this helps and good luck!!!

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    To the guy above me... Thats stupid. why on earth would someone travel so far just to have they're horse slaughtered, from my position it would be cheaper to just shoot it, it'd even be cheaper to hang it and go to jail for five years (wouldn't do it anyway)

    I believe in slaughter houses I was opposed before the shut down. If you don't want the chance of your horses going to slaughter don't sell horses.

    To the person below me, you have to wake up and face facts, it'd be lovely if we could take care of all the unwanted horses and keep them and pet them and dote on them blah blah blah, but we can't, we simply can't, and now horses are treated much worse than they were in slaughter houses. I'd rather have a horse suffer a few minutes in a slaughter house than die slowly and agonizingly of hunger or neglect/malnutrition among other causes, because it cannot fend for itself and the cruel reality of life isn't capable of taking care of this horse and hundreds of thousands just like it.

    I truly love horses, I'd rather see them die standing up healthy and full of pride than dying lying down, sick, starving, helpless, and shameless.

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