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I NEED HELP! Im doing a research assignment on Cholesterol and I dont know who to believe!?

I've looked through many web sites, and most of them say that cholesterol is one of the main causes of heart desease. But I recently found a site that said it actually begins with damaged arteries. This site, along with some others, says that cholesterol piles up in these damaged areas (in an attempt to repair them) and causes heart claims lowering cholesterol is futile... there are several sites that say this...they claim that it's the "hidden truth" about cholesterol but I cant find any destinguished sites that I know I can trust, i.e. government sites or ones by certified doctors(I just find people quoting doctors) I dont know who to beleive... does anyone know where I can look...are there any doctors out there who can suggest what I should do or where I should look next? My project is due Jan. 21...please help if you can


Thanks to all that gave me some was very helpful:)

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