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In Christian Bible...?

In christian Bible, who are Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, and James?

It may seem like a stupid question but I really don't know..

Are they prophets? or Just important people who gave good pslams?

Thank you so much

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    Matthew, John, and Peter were among the thirteen apostles chosen by Jesus. "Apostle" can also be translated "messenger," but the word had a special meaning in the culture of Jesus' day. Basically, and apostle was a representative of someone important (like a king) who was sent on that person's behalf. So the statement of someone's apostle is as if the original person had said it him/herself. Jesus chose the thirteen apostles to be his "inner circle" of disciples and then sent them out to spread the message of Christianity. They had the authority of Christ himself.

    The rest (James, Mark, and Luke) are not apostles but close friends of the apostle Paul and disciples of Christ. Those books have authority because Paul "approved" them and in that sense gave them his authority.

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    Those are the names (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) attached to the four gospels that tell of Jesus' life, and to two letters (Peter and James). Christians disagree about whether the letters and gospels were written by the people whose names are on them, or by other people, later. I tend to think they were written as we have traditionally believed, but my priest disagrees.

    (Peter was a follower of Jesus while he was alive, and a preacher afterward. He's a great guy-- impulsive, a sinner like all of us, braver than most, terribly sorry when he did wrong, just one of the most vivid people in the Bible.)

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    Just to tell you in the christian bible there are the gospels of mathew,mark and luke and so on like you say.

    It is of interest to know that none of these people actually wrote any of hte gospels. Various anonymous authors wrote the gospels using their name.

    Jus tlike Plato, you know plato was not a reall guy but a composote of various people using the pseudonym "Plato".

    Its the same thing with the Gospel of Mathhew for example.

    No one named mathew actually wrote the Gospel of Matthew, several people wrote under that name.

    Only one of the Gospels is actually written by one of the decipels of jesus and now this gospel is lost to history.

    During the Reign of Constantinople it was removed from the bible.

    You see the bible is no the word of god! It is written by Men, HUMAN BEINGS WROTE THE BIBLE AND EDITED IT!

    Christianity is a false relegion based on lies!

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    Disciples of Jesus

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  • They were Disciples of Jesus!

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