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What do you think of this article on Canada?

I don't agree with all of it except for how we let people walk all over us. This is true, maybe not so much in the past. I wish we

would stand up for ourselves. Assertiveness is not a crime, neither is justice.

As for foreign policy, it doesn't reflect what Canadians want and that's the problem. As for aid, it is not our responsibility to dump money into Third World countries. Aid should be applied for and evaluated on a country-by-country basis with progressive countries supportive of human rights, women's rights, secularism, peace, capitalism and democracy being placed at the top of the list. It is no longer justifiable to pay for crisis situations if the results do not help people (exceptions-famine, storms, civil war).

As for being 'people who hand over children to bullies'. Bullying is not new, read the first point, we generally prefer to work things out but bullying is different. Our institutions view


figure we should not stand up for ourselves. I don't mean with a weapon but throwing a punch, filing a complaint, filing charges, speaking up, etc. is sometimes necessary. Self-defense is a right and it is fine as long as it is not based on cruelty and maliciousness. Canadians are not really the type to use vengeance. It is not a gun culture up here. We have strict gun control. Remove the bully after an attempt at intervention and more students will be happy. It should the rights of most not the rights of one. Rehab-let him go to the cadets and juvenile hall if he doesn't want to shape up. Peacekeeping in Cyprus might be suitable to straighten out a drug trafficking, stealing, bullying type with no respect for authority.

Too ma

Taxes? We have the money for housing and could pay higher wages. I prefer higher wages and less welfare. Put money into transportation, roads, health care, the CPP and education instead. Life is not a freebee. Welfare dependency discourages work.

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    Canada [as well as the E.U.] is in a state of flux because the Faustian Fallacy of Socialism has brought Canada [and the E.U.] to a tipping point as had happened in the Soviet Union and China.

    Those who recognize, and are trying to address Canada's fiscal situation, are being assailed by those are not capable of seeing the reality of how bad things are becoming.

    "The Faustian Fallacy of Socialism" ???

    "Attempts to create Heaven on Earth... invariably lead to Hell"

    [Karl Popper]

    "The vise of Capitalism is its unequal distribution of blessings"

    "The virtue of Socialism is its equal distribution of misery"

    [Winston Churchill]



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    What do I think of it? That it's not very current - it's dated July 10, 2004.

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    I think we need the Empire back instead of having some libs or Americans in charge...

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