Could I get some college help?

Hey. Two-part question. First, for a 2150 SAT student, 3.5 GPA, two honors courses, and great extra-cirriculars (as in 20+ hours a week), at a difficult school, is that enough for elite schools, Like Northwestern and UPenn? And secondly, what other good colleges might be well-known, but under the radar?




The GPA is unwieghted, and I have two honors courses. Also, as for the spelling, I am moderatley dyslexic, and I couldn't find the spell-check. Sorry.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Your SAT is good, I will tell u that. Your GPA is fine as well. With a bunch of extracurriculars and good grades, you should have a good shot at the colleges you're desiring to apply for.

    You can probably try Baylor or Rice if u really wanted to stretch it.

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    Hey Shinobi,

    First you'll have to learn to spell (or at least use the spell check when available) and use correct capitalization. A college essay with grammatical errors is not likely to get picked at an 'elite' university.

    Since you want to be a college student, now is a good time to do some research on the entrance requirements for the schools of your choice. You'll need a lot of practice, because research is what college is all about. Learning to think, analyze, and research answers to questions will get you a lot farther than other peoples opinions on what it takes to get in a good school.

    Best wishes, and good luck!

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    Academically, you're a great candidate. But really it all depends if you're a good match for those schools. There are lots of great schools, particularly some of the smaller private schools. Check out Colleges That Change Lives ( for a list of some outstanding small schools that could really match what you're looking for.

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    Your SAT is good enough, but your GPA seems low. Is that unweighted? Because if that is your weighted, I'd say you might have a bit of trouble with getting into a college at that level. Good luck!

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