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Hair Question?

I Want A Curly Look For School That Will Look Nice, But Will Only Take A Little While. Any Suggestions? Also, I Really Dont Want To Use A Curling Iron..

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    Haha Awsome You Type The Same Way I Do. Well Anyways I Know You Said That You Didnt Want To Use The Curling Iron But Im Going To Tell You Something Fast And Cute That I Do. First Your Hair Has To Be Wet So Like After You Get Out Of The Shower Or Something, Then I Pin My Bangs (Side Bangs) In Front Of My Face With A Clip To Hold Them There.(Just Make Sure You Have All Of Your Bangs Up In Front So They Dont Get Messed Up By The Next Step.) Then I Scrunch The Rest Of My Hair (NOT BANGS) With Some Gel And Moose (Doesnt Take Much Of Either.) Use The Hair Dryer To Help Scrunch. (It Also Helps If You Have A Diffuser With Your Hair Dryer) Then After Your Hair Is Done Being Scrunched Up To Where It Looks Kind Of Curly, You Make A Bump On The Top, You Know Just Like One Of The Little Bumps Your Avatar Has Just Farther Back And Not Right In Front.(You May Also Want To Wait Until You've Got Your Bangs Ready To Do The Bump Because You Might Use A Little Bit Of Them To Make The Bump) Anyways Now You Dry Your Bangs And Straighten Them, And Of Course Just Put Them To The Side Where Your Sidebangs Go. But Put A Small Strang Of Your Bangs To The Other Side, (Just A Small Piece, But Have More On The Regular Side.) Now To The Cute Part. Take The Curling Iron And Take Random Pieces Throughout Your Hair And Twirl Them In Those Cute Little Swirls, Kind Of Like Mini Locks. And Tada! Your Hair Is Done. (Below Is A Pic. Of What It Will Look Like, But Without The Curling Iron.) It Seems Like It Takes A Long Time But It Doesnt.

    Pics. (These Are Really Old And Kind Of Ugly Looking But Trust Me If You Follow The Way I Said It Will Turn Out Very Cute!)

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    When you say curly, what kind of curly do you mean? For loose curls, get some hair rollers, and roll them up as far as you want to go. Leave them in overnight, that's almost the only way to do curls without a curling iron. A curling iron would be more efficent, and you could do it quicker, plus, you won't be sleeping funny on rollers at night. If you use a curling iron, it will look nicer, more sleek and done, and you can do it all in ten minutes if you put some stray curls in there,and then give it a little more body with a wide toothed comb, it works. If you don't want to use curlers though, use the rollers, but irons are better. As for a style, a bunch of curls in the back, pull a bang (if you have one) up front and move it to one side and put a short part in your head to one side (meaning make the part closer to the left of the right, but not straight down the middle) and do whatever with those bangs. I don't know how your hair looks, so I don't know if it works or not, but I do that everyday, and people love it. Try it out ^^

    Here is an example of what I mean:

    (yeah, she may be famous, but it won't be hard to get your hair that way. Lose curls, move them out with a wide toothed comb)

    (if you use a curling iron, spiral your hair, if you know how, and if you use rollers, roll your hair up in spirals. It's easy to do.)

    Again, I'm not sure about your hairtype or your hair color, style or condition, but these are just some guesses that I hope help you. Ciao!

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    there isnt really a QUICK way to get curly hair without using a curling iron. i used to braid my hair while it was wet before bed and let it dry, then when i pulled it out it would give it a really pretty wavy/somewhat curly kind of look. then i just pulled it out and ran my fingers through it a little in the morning :)

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    you can always scrunch it. just get a shower, towel dry your hair and apply hair spray to your hair and scrunch it together it comes out wavy/curlyish.

    or you could always use a straighten, it makes really nice bouncy curls, just look up how to use it as a curler.

    or maybe if you have a curler set, use them. they also work nicely

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    When your hair is wet, after you comb your hair, use gel or curling cream, it doesn't matter, and then flip your head upside down and use a diffuser to dry your hair until it's almost dry. After that just scrunch your hair w/your hands.

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    moose moose moose!!!

    when your hair is wet, put moose

    in your hand and scrunch your hair

    you can blow dry it too with a diffuser

    if you have a little more time=]

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    get a perm.

    or put your hair up in braids.

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    put your bangs up like hilliary duff

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