What does it mean to pull carpet?

Ok, so my husband and I might be purchasing this house. We went to look at it a few days ago and I mentioned it would need new carpet because it was overlapping and I thought looked dingy and old. The realtor said it was only a year old and that it just needed to be "pulled" . My husband was like yeah it looks new, it just needs to be "pulled". My husband didnt do a good job explaining this to me. I dont want to sound stupid but what is that? I mean it looked like the carpet was just laying there overlapping as you enter each different room?


It looks like it wasnt put in properly to begin with. Should I ask the seller to fix this if I decide to buy???

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    After 30 years of spreading (installing floor covering) rug, it sounds like the carpet needs re-stretching and possibly the seams might need to be remade. It was probally cold weather when it was installed in the house. Also, the backing will break down being walked on is another reason it will get loose. Get yourself a carpet installer and let him do it before you move your furniture in on top of it, it will be cheaper! Listen to who you may, just call a couple of installers to give you estimates, and if they are worth they'er salt, they will treat you with a fare price and a good job. Good Luck

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    A carpet is typically set on a pad over the subfloor. To create a clean joint at the end of the room, the installers place a strip of wood with small metal tacs facing the wall. The carpet is then stretched over these tacs, holding it (theoretically) permanently in place. However, as the room is used the carpet can pull away from the wall, either due to traffic or the carpet stretching.

    Pulling the carpet is a process where someone goes around the perimeter of the room with a small wood board and stretches the carpet back over these tacs. It makes the carpet look better by removing any slack.

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    If it is only a year old then it should still have a warranty from the original installation. No carpet should have to be re-stretched after a year, it's either cheap carpet or a very bad installation. Tack strip needs to be doubled up in doorways to ensure a tight hold of the carpet. A re-stretch could get costly depending on how much carpet is in need of it.

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    Sounds like restretching.

    But ask the realtor to take care of it. They know the carpet people or should as they usually send biz to them.

    With a phone call, they can get someone over for a small amount and get it done quickly. Carpet retailers are dying for anything to do right now the market is so soft.

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    It needs to be re stretched and cut to fit.

    This is usually done with a tool called a power stretcher (for large areas) or a kicker for smaller areas.

    It is fairly easy to do if you know what your doing and if you don't most carpet installers can do it for little cost.

    If you are buying this house make it a stipulation that the seller have this done as part of the agreement.

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    He probably means "stretched". Carpet can either get loose from the tack strips (at the baseboard) or just lose its tightness over time. To stretch or pull it, you use a tool called a kicker that grips into the carpet and you kick with your knee. The slack comes out of the carpet and you hook it back onto the tack strip.

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    It means that the carpet needs stretching with a long, poled lever, then the overlap is trimmed and nylon mesh tape is used with an electric iron to make a seam where those overlaps were showing.

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    It means to pull the carpet or stretch it so it lays flush to the floof. After you install new carpet and walk on it alot it can start to come off the sides if you "pull" it , it gets tight again....

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    Pulled means just that pulled up and removed. Thats the term used by realtors. If it needed cleaning or streaching they would say it needs to be professionally cleaned or it needs to be streached.

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